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Rapid City Doctor Ed Picardi: Improving the Quality of Patient Care through Ethics and Compassion From South Dakota to Africa

Ed Picardi is a General Surgeon who is very passionate about protecting the rights of the most vulnerable people in our society, the unborn and the elderly. Throughout the years he has demonstrated his dedication through his practice and by being vocal about public policy issues that affect the society, especially in healthcare.

Over the years, the MD has been praised by both his patients and colleagues alike. While practicing in South Dakota, he was affiliated with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Sturgis Hospital. He also holds a membership of the American College of Surgeons. From his vast experience, he proposes several things other medical practitioners can do to improve care for patients.

Improving Outcomes through Quality Care

Healthcare is changing rapidly and one of the major changes taking place today is how patient care is viewed by players in the industry. Patient care as a continuum is increasingly becoming the norm as hospitals seek to reduce cost while improving quality.

Dr. Ed Picardi believes that doctors and surgeons should take interest in the patient and treat them with compassion. Compassion encourages mutual trust which facilitates patient care. When there is trust it is easier for the doctor to compel patients to go for checkups and regular visits. The doctor is therefore in a better position to catch ailments before they progress into conditions that would be costly to treat.

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Adopt Holistic Approach

When the doctor has established a strong relationship with the patient, and the patient visits the doctor regularly, it is easier to detect symptoms as they develop, or see how treatments affect the patient on an ongoing basis.

The doctor is in a good position to see the patient’s physical, emotional and mental state. The physicians can, therefore, determine if the patient would be best served by conventional medicine or by alternative treatments. By proposing evidence-based alternative treatments, the doctor can help the patient access health care options that are more affordable and with fewer side effects.

Understanding the Patient

Treating patients with compassion and dignity allows the doctor to develop a more effective relationship with the patient. The doctor is in a better position to understand a regular patient than he would be reading data on a sheet of paper. This deeper understanding facilitates the development of tailored treatments that are suitable for the patient based on their medical history. Adhering to ethics and treating patients with compassion has many positive implications for both the doctor and the patient.