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Common Diseases of Apple Trees, Information for Apple Farmers

Common Diseases of Apple Trees

Common Diseases of apple tree. The apple tree is a plant that is commonly grown in home gardens. But trees including plants that are susceptible to various diseases. If realized from the beginning, you can take preventive measures early on to keep the disease from planting apples. Thus, you can enjoy the harvest of apples from their own home, it is very pleasant.

Common Diseases of Apple Trees

1. Apple scab

It is a disease that occurs in apple trees. The disease is characterized by the appearance of warts on the apple crop and blisters on fruit and leaves. The disease usually meets apple trees planted in areas of high humidity.

2. Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew affects a large number of plants. On apple trees, this problem can reduce the number of apple blossoms so the fruit is reduced. In addition, powdery mildew can also inhibit the growth of apple trees. Powdery mildew will look like velvet cover both the apple leaves or branches.

3. Black Rot

It is a disease caused by fungi and bacteria on apple trees. This disease can appear in different forms. Black fruit rot, leaf spot Frogeye, and black rot limb.

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4. Black fruit rot

This is similar to decay in tomatoes. This disease causes the end of the fruit turned brown and will be spread throughout the fruit. Then, at a later stage, the fruit will turn black.

5. Frogeye leaf spot

Frogeye leaf spots will appear when the tree starts flowering. Black spots on the leaves will be gray or dark brown.

6. Black rot Canker limb

This problem arises as a sign of depression in plants. This decay will continue to enlarge and the skin will peel off. If this issuedoes not treat Black rot canker limb will kill the tree.

7. Apple rusts

Furthermore, a disease that happens to apple trees are apple rust. Rust disease is referred to cedar apple rust. Rusts on different apple crop. Cedar apple rust is a disease that most commonly occurs. This rust usually appears after apple leaves, branches and fruit appear yellow spots.

8. Collar Rot

Collar Rot is a common problem with apple trees. This disease will cause poor growth and florescence. Other adverse effects are the leaves turn yellow and eventually falling.

9. Sooty Blotch

The sooty Blotch also includes an apple tree fungus, but fungus is not lethal. Sooty Blotch affects the fruit of the apple tree. Spots appear on apples, even if it look bad, but the applesare stilll edible.

10. Flyspeck

It is also a problem, but not deadly, just flyspecks to degrade gracefully apples. When apples are affected by this problem, black spots appear on the skin of an apple.

These are some kind of common diseases of apple trees should be alert. By knowing these issues early, then the apple growers will more quickly find solutions so that the apples are nice and healthy. This will have an effect on crop yields satisfactory.