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Olive Leaf Extract Benefits for Skin Problems

Olive Leaf Extract benefits Skin – The benefits of olive leaves have been popular for a long time. Over the past centuries olive leaves have been used as an herb for various health benefits. One of the benefits is for skin problems. Olive leaves contain many antioxidants, phytonutrients, usually in consumption as tea or as a powder supplement. Recent and modern research reveals a number of benefits of olive leaves for treatment related to the skin.

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits for Skin

1# Accelerate healing

Extract of olive leaf efficacious to accelerate wound healing. The study, conducted in 2011 and published in the journal of medical foods, says that injuries to animals treated with olive leaf extract show an 87% improvement and 35% stronger and better compared to using commercial ointment. The content of antioxidants shows an important role in the healing process and olive leaves also contain secoiridoid oleuropein compounds, which are useful as active ingredients.

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2# Reduce skin tumor

The benefits of olive leaf extract also reduce the potential of skin tumors. In “International jounal of cancer” in 2010 contains a study that concluded that the olive leaf content can kill cancer, as experiments in mice. Olive leaf extract works to inhibit tumor cell growth and induce early apoptosis in skin cancer cell tissue.

Treatment of tumors in rats was able to provide volume reduction. This shows that olive leaves are great in treating skin tumors.

3# Protects skin from ultra violet attacks

Do you often use chemicals on your skin to prevent ultra violet radiation? Maybe now you can try olive leaf extract. A 2010 study loaded in “phytotherapy research” says that olive leaf extract and active compounds in the leaves can prevent thickening of the skin due to sunlight if given twice a day.

In addition, olive leaf extract is also useful for preventing melanin production and preventing skin tissue breaking enzymes.

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4# Olive leaf extract is better than vitamin E

Oleuropein compounds in olive leaves can reduce skin redness, dehydration and increase blood flow to the skin. In 2008 there was a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, there mentioned that volunteers who use gel containing oleuropein compounds to treat skin damage due to the effects of sunlight. However this is in combination with other active compounds.