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Top 10 Ocotea Essential Oil Health Benefits

Ocotea essential oil is still included in family of cinnamon. Ocotea tree device to male and female, but the essential oil come from female tree because its contain therapeutic characteristic. The essential oil is processed from twigs and leaves of the tree.

One of the benefits and usefulness of Ocotea oil is for digestive problems. So, if you often experience to these you can consider to ocotea oil that coming from Central America. The sweet aroma make Ocotea wood has therapeutic benefits that produce positive effect on the mind and makes you relaxed and comfortable.

Some Ocotea Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Cardiovascular System

Ocotea oil have great benefits to human body, one of them is for heart health. This oil serves to maintain heart health and keep it always good.

In addition, ocotea essential oil is good for digestion and treat infection as well as cure stress and anxiety. So, you should save this essential oil in your home because it is very important for the health of your family.

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2. Diabetes

Ocotea oil intake helpful for controlling blood sugar. You can add 2-3 drops of ocotea oil under of your tongue. It’s beneficial to lower the level of sugar in the inside. Although these drugs are safe to use, but you should use it under the supervision of a doctor.

3. Help Lose weight

Furthermore, ocotea essential oil capable of providing stimulation of satiety so you are able to refrain from eating. This condition is useful to help you lose weight naturally.

Way to consume this oil is by adding a few drops into water. Then drink every day so that the deposition of fat in the body can be broken and out.

4. Treating skin inflammation

If your skin experience from inflammation either sensitivity, rash, itching, you can try ocotea essential oil. This oil acts as body anti microbial so powerful to prevent inflammation. To overcome the problems of the skin, drop on the skin and massage gently to get the sensation.

5. Foot fungi

Fungal is a skin disease caused by fungi bacteria. To overcoming this problem, you can use ocotea oils regularly. Fungi present on the feet will be reduced by utilizing ocotea oil as well.

6. Helps digestive health

As we have mentioned firstly that ocotea essential oil beneficial for digestive problems naturally. These oils ensure digestive health remain under normal conditions.

In addition to digestive problems like the above, ocotea oil is also beneficial for treating diarrhea perfectly.

7. Cures Candida

One of the tremendous benefits of ocotea oil is eliminate parasites in the body. So, this makes essential oil widely used as a home remedy to treat candida infections and others.

Ocotea oil is also has great uses to treat streptocoocal diseases.

8. Eliminate toxins in body

The human body is full of dirt and waste that can trigger the disease. Ocotea oil is useful to eliminate toxins and wastes in the body. Its shall also cleanse the liver from toxins.

9. Reduces Injury

This oil contains alpha humulene. It is useful to keep the body from irritation and cuts. Thus, the ocotea essential oils able to protect our body against viruses and bacteria.

10. Hair Care

To get the health benefits for hair, you can mix ocotea essential oil with olive oil and massage on the scalp. This mixture oil is used on the scalp to avoid dandruff, hair loss and alopecia. Its works by strengthening the hair follicles so it is not easy to fall and dandruff.