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Health Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Melissa essential oil is very famous in the world of health. One its cause is its soothing, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, stomachic, carminative, minimize heat, contains substances tonic, hypotensive and others.

With fragrant situation, soothing and sweet make its name famous all over the world. It also makes Melissa essential oil known as Sweet Oil and Common Oil. Pleasant aroma makes everyone feel happy and comfortable and it is contains tremendous benefits for health.

Before we look at health benefits of Melissa essential oils, I want to tell you that Melissa plant is native of the Mediterranean. This plant is well known there under the name Bee Plant. Soothing properties and anti-depressant as well as able to improve memory be a major reason why Melissa well-known and popular in the world. Here we see its benefits in the health world.

Health Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

1. Anti depression

Melissa essential oil is known for anti-depressant properties. This oil is able to change the mood from sad to be happy, to inspire joy and giving hope to those who are despair. It is makes the extraordinary characteristic of Melissa oil known as “Elixir of Life” or the “Nectar of Life”.

2. Cordial

Furthermore, the benefits of Melissa essential oils is as cordial. This oil gives a sense of warmth to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Consequently, using this miraculous oil may relieve colds and flu.

3. Sedative

Another thing that can be found in the Melissa essential oil is calming properties. So, the use of Melissa oil is good for calming the nerves, anxiety, inflammation, shock and trauma. Health benefits of Melissa essential oil felt by those whose insomnia, this oil will help you sleep deeply for their soothing properties.

Briefly, Melissa oil usage for those that restlessness, anxiety and trauma can give satisfaction and a sense of peace. Since the past Melissa essential oil is often used on soldiers to calm their condition and eliminate stress and fatigue.

4. Nervine

Similar to the benefits in point 3. The soothing characteristic in Melissa essential oil is useful as a tonic for the nervous system, avoid interference and maintain healthy nerves. Health problems associated with vertigo, nervousness, and convulsions can be overcome by using Melissa essential oils.

5. Antispasmodic

Furthermore, the health benefits of Melissa essential oils is as anti-seizure medications. Excessive contraction that occurs in the body called the seizures. Seizures can occur in various organs such as the digestive, nervous, muscular, even in the respiratory system. As a result of seizures can lead to shortness of breath, muscle cramps, or severe cough. In extreme cases, seizures can be deadly.

The existence of Melissa oil is very effective for seizures throughout the body. So, provide it in your home for any time purposes.

6. Carminative

Have you ever felt a tightness in the stomach due to wind piling up? Melissa essential oil will force the gas in the stomach to come out. It is will remove the tension on the abdominal muscles as a result of the accumulation of gas.

7. Anti-bacterial

The amazing thing in Melissa essential oil is capable of killing bacteria. The antibacterial properties effective in killing bacteria that cause infection in the large intestine, kidney and urinary tract. If you want to use for the inside of the body, consult with your doctor first.

8. Good for stomach

Melissa essential oil is also useful as a drug for abdomen. It is helps smooth digestion. In addition, help heal wounds, heal ulcers, cuts and prevent infection.

9. Diaphoretic

Diaphoretic is the most important characteristic of Melissa essential oil. This oil is able to stimulate the body perspiration. The sweat that comes out will remove toxins in the body and give the body a better atmosphere.

When the skin is sweaty, not only fluid emitted but also gas called nitrogen also excluded. Sweat also converts body heat into cold. Then the benefits of using essential oils Melissa is very good for the body as a whole.

10. Reduce body temperature

The existence of microbes and bacteria in the body can cause the body becomes feverish. Melissa essential oil will fight the pathogen by making the body into a sweat. At this time the bacteria and toxins will be released through sweat so as to lower the body temperature.

Other Health benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa oil not only cure health conditions as we have mentioned above. The various content of important substances in this oil makes it also important in treating fungal infections, herpes, ulcers, headaches, fatigue and improve memory.


Melissa oil is not toxic, but for those who are sensitive can result a burning sensation and irritation. So if you are one of the owners of sensitive skin, you should not use Melissa oil.