Home Remedies Kaempferia Galanga Benefits, Aromatic Ginger, Sand Ginger

Kaempferia Galanga Benefits, Aromatic Ginger, Sand Ginger

The Kaempferia Galanga Benefits have been tested in various studies. One of the medical benefits of Kaempferia Galanga is cleaning dirty blood and overcoming colds. Ok, before we look further, let’s see what is Kaempferia Galanga?

Kaempferia Galanga is a root plant which is also ginger rooted aromatic, ginger and cutcherry sand. These include monocot plants in the family of ginger plants. Kaempferia Galanga is also often called the galangal.

This plant is widely found in the regions of Indonesia, China, Cambodia, India and taiwan. In addition, he is also widely cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. The Kaempferia Galanga is a great alternative to the popular keto products used by many health enthusiasts as explained in this Keto Boost Review.

Here we see the wonderful benefits of Kaempferia Galanga for medical purposes. What are the benefits for health in treating illness, here we look further.

Kaempferia Galanga Benefits for Health

1. Clean the dirty blood

One of the benefits is cleaning dirty blood. How to make this herb very easy. Provide Kaempferia Galanga, two dry clove grains, fistula cassia leaf, and fennel seeds as necessary.

All of these ingredients are then boiled in 1 liter of water. Allow to boil, and remove. Strain and let stand cool, taken twice a day.

2. Treating colds

Treating colds very easily with Kaempferia Galanga, rinse the rhizome clean. Rhizome eaten with salt, and drink warm water. Drink twice a day.

3. Treating stomach ulcers

Wash or clean two Kaempferia Galanga rhizomes. Peeled and chewed straight away, all you need is to suck the water from the rhizome and throw away the dregs. Do it several times until healed.

4. Treating Heartburn

Benefits Kaempferia Galanga to treat heartburn also has much to prove. You simply wash the rhizome and grate. Then add a little cooking water and salt. Strain and drink this water as much as 2-3 times a day.

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5. Treating a sprain

Kaempferia Galanga is also useful for treating sprains. Simply clean one rhizome of Kaempferia Galanga and mixed with a handful of rice that has been soaked. Then, mash the two until smooth and apply on the sprained area.

6. Treating cough

Take one Kaempferia Galanga rhizome and grate until smooth, mix warm water and stir until evenly distributed. Strain and drink, well also add a little salt. You can drink this traditional herb once per day.

7. Medication for diarrhea

Destroy two Kaempferia Galanga rhizomes with two cloves of red items until completely destroyed. Provide banana leaves to wrap the result of the collision, bake on top of embers, then apply on the stomach. This herb will treat diarrhea quickly.

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That’s some of Kaempferia Galanga Benefits or sand ginger, aromatic ginger, cutcherry. If this information is considered useful, do not hesitate to share it to your friends on facebook or twitter.