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How to Take Care of Your Feet While Hiking

Do you like to go hiking? Are you a fan of day hiking, often choosing the nature trails? If your answer to either one of these two questions is yes, you have arrived at the perfect article. While hiking, you need to take really good care of your feet, paying attention to the equipment you are using, blister protection and so on. Keep on reading and discover useful tips on how to take care of your feet while hiking.


When it comes to the boots you will wear while hiking in any of the above-mentioned locations, there are two things to take into consideration. First, the boots should fit you well, providing your ankle with ample support and allowing plenty of room for the toes at the same time. Second, you should never go on a hike while wearing new boots. These should be broken in, long before you find yourself on a trail.

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Toenail care

If you want your hike to be comfortable throughout the entire day, you need to take care of your toenails. Use a pair of nail clippers and cut the toenails straight across, leaving the corners intact. This will ensure that your boots do not press on the toenails, leading to discomfort, pain and even bleeding. Keep in mind that the toenail can become damaged when it is not properly taken care of; in turn, this can increase the risk for additional health problems, such as toenail fungus [link removed due to 404 error].

Sweat prevention

The last thing you might want to worry when hiking is sweaty feet. Not to mention, sweat favors fungal infections, which are quite difficult to treat. The best way to counteract such problems is to use products for sweat prevention, such as antiperspirant spray and foot powder. You might also want to choose socks that are made from moisture-absorbing fabrics.

Blister care

Even if you have taken all the necessary precautions, you might not be able to prevent the appearance of blisters. However, as soon as you will feel that burning sensation, it might be a good idea to take a pause and take care of the respective area. Change your socks (if possible), dry your feet and re-tie your shoes. You can also consider applying foot powder or a band-aid, to help you keep going.


Day hiking can be an exciting experience. While filled with adrenaline, you might be tempted to complete the trail without taking too many breaks. However, a good way to protect your feet is to take regular breaks. Sit down for a couple of minutes and enjoy the scenery. If possible, remove your shoes and elevate your feet.

A final note

Hiking can be a great experience. To guarantee that this experience will be 100% memorable, use these tips and protect your feet at all times.