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How to Minimize Morning Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that you must get rid of. Many people wake up feeling anxious, scared and like not wanting to live on that day and continue to be cloaked in the room. Don’t worry, there are many ways to eliminate and minimize morning anxiety.

In this article, we will review how to minimize anxiety when you wake up in the morning. So, read on this article and hopefully useful.

Tips on How to Reduce Morning Anxiety

If you are one of those who often experience anxiety when you wake up in the morning, try some of the following tips and steps:

1. Consider Your Sleep Habits

Quality sleep at night is very important for our mental and physical health. Problems when sleeping like insomnia can cause many health problems, such as having headaches, lowering energy, poor concentration, irritability, anxiety and long-term memory problems.

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Here are some healthy habits that you should adopt before going to bed:

  • Avoid activities that can cause you to be aroused to not sleep such as watching TV, sitting at a computer before going to bed, drinking caffeinated drinks,
  • Get into the habit of relaxing before going to bed like reading a book, or chatting lightly with your partner,
  • Try to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time.
  • Always control so that the air in your bedroom is always cold, and always turn off the lights when you want to sleep.
  • Your bed is only used for sex and sleep, don’t use it for other activities.

Examine Morning Stressors

There are also some people who have problems with something that happens in the morning such as alarms, anxiety. Now, if this is a problem, consider changing your alarm tone with a lighter and more pleasant tone. Usually this will give you peace of mind so as to prevent anxiety about yourself.

Anxiety is also sometimes influenced by things that are not like many tasks, there are many unfinished tasks, these will all affect your anxiety when you wake up in the morning. So, if you have a lot of tasks for tomorrow, first complete a few tasks so you don’t stress the next day.

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2. Do Relaxation Exercises

Start when you wake up in the morning by doing breathing exercises, try to focus, relax and try mental and emotional balance. This will help you start your day better and be free from anxiety. Some techniques you must do:

Deep breathing: One technique is deep breathing. Shallow breathing can actually disrupt the body’s natural oxygen balance and can cause carbon dioxide exchange. Relaxing and good breathing can help keep your blood regular and well oxygenated. This will help manage your anxiety.

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Guided imagery: This is visualizing yourself, imagine as if you are in a comfortable and quiet environment with extraordinary happiness. Try to picture yourself on the beach, or on a green pasture.

Journaling: morning anxiety can also be minimized by getting used to writing, you can write your thoughts, your perceptions, your thoughts. This positive habit is great for helping you get out of problems that often come to you, especially regarding anxiety in the morning.

Meditation: This is a mental exercise that involves the mind, this practice focuses your experience and experience.

Progressive muscle relaxation: This is a stretching technique, it relaxes your whole body from head to foot.

3. Think Positively

Furthermore, how to eliminate anxiety in the morning is to prioritize or get positive thinking. If you experience anxiety in the morning, chances are you have thought negatively in many ways, so now get used to thinking positively. By getting used to building positive thoughts, we will more easily face our days.

First, try to identify which ones are your bad thoughts, for example every time you wake up in the morning thinking “I feel bad, how can I work well today”, “I always fail in dealing with my problems, what’s my fault?”

Now, after identifying your thoughts, you must change these negative thought patterns into positive thoughts. Try to awaken good things in yourself, such as: “I feel bad today, but I have experienced it for a long time and I have to get up to get ahead”. Every time I feel depressed, I know what I have to do, I have to relax myself and calm my mind “.

4. Consider Your Diet

Try to reconsider your diet for this. Based on the results of research shows that diet also affects a person’s mood and anxiety. Usually someone on a diet high in fat and processed carbohydrates will experience anxiety and bad mood. Conversely, those who tend to eat vegetables, fruits and protein. So, if you want to consume fat, then consume foods low in saturated fats and low in refined carbohydrates and multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Balance your diet with foods that contain protein, omega 3, vegetables and fruits. Eat foods low in glycemic index, this will help spike your blood sugar.

You should also consider caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea. This drink also contributes to a person’s bad mood. Try losing coffee or reducing coffee, and see how your mental development.

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Final Words

If you experience mood changes and often or always experience anxiety in the morning, try to meet a mental health professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist and discuss your problem. Do not let mental disorders like this affect your quality of life let alone eliminate important functions in this life.