Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

Here we will explore about Home Remedies for Chest Congestion, what herbs can use for this treatment. Chest congestion not only make your body to languish, but the health problems it can cause bigger problems if not removed, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Then eliminate chest tightness very important early on.

You can use home remedies to eliminate the problem of chest congestion. In this post, we will provide a home remedy for chest congestion, may chest problems like this can be overcome before it cause other health problems.

Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

1. Drink expectorant

It is a useful remedy to solve the mucus in the body, so it will be easily excreted mucus by coughing. There are many expectorant without a prescription are sold in drug stores, but you can also go to the doctor to get prescription drugs.

Attention: Expectorants Drugs not safe for children under the age of six years, if you want to give drugs to children, consult with a physician in order to be given another drug.

2. Avoid suppressants

Indeed suppressant drug used to reduce cough, but these drugs will cause thickening of mucus in your chest. Avoid drinking suppressant or a mixture of the suppressant with an expectorant, because it may aggravate your chest congestion. Remember that coughing is a normal and healthy condition when you experience chest tightness, so you do not need to reduce

if your chest congestion conditions force you to take medicine, try to take cough medicine as a substitute ginger suppressant. Ginger will help break up mucus, whereas cough medicine will relieve pain in the throat.

3. Treat chest congestion with menthol cream

The next Home Remedies for Chest Congestion is menthol cream. This cream will issue a strong aroma that helps so that you can breathe more easily. Although not help break up mucus, this cream will allow you to breathe more easily. Chest tightness drug Apply this on your chest before you sleep and it would pave the way your breathing, so you can breathe with relief.

4. Eat foods that are beneficial

In addition to treating chest congestion with home remedies, there are certain foods that can help clear mucus in your chest and cut production. Eat spicy foods, citrus, garlic, and ginger to facilitate healing your chest congestion. Specifically, asparagus and pineapple also been shown to have benefits to cleanse the chest.

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5. Try a mixture of garlic and lemon juice

Other home remedies for chest congestion is garlic and lemon juice. Both of these materials can help eliminate chest congestion.

  • Add the juice of 3 lemons in a cup of very hot water.
  • Puree 1-2 cloves garlic. Add these ingredients to the hot water.
  • Add a few pinches of salt and refined black pepper in large quantities.
  • Swallow the mixture and you will feel better immediately.

6. Take care that you do not dehydrate

Meet the body fluids is an effective way of preventing chest congestion. Drink lots of water when you are ill, especially to help eliminate your chest congestion. If you do not drink enough fluids, it will cause a clot and thicken mucus in the throat

That’s 6 home remedies for chest congestion that is easy to do. If you want to use a medical method, immediately contact your doctor.