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Clove Tea: Health Benefits and How to Make It

Clove tea benefits – This is a herbal drink that has a health appeal. Here we present 11 ways to drink clove tea that provide the greatest health benefits for the body. Not only the benefits of clove tea, but you have to know how to make it yourself from home, so we also show you how to make clove tea.

Cloves are a very popular spice in Asian and Indian cuisine. Its distinctive and spicy taste provides its own benefits in culinary and herbal medicine. Cloves are beneficial for health because they are rich in antioxidants. For better results, you should enjoy clove tea regularly in moderate amounts. There are many ways to get the health benefits of cloves, by adding them to your diet or by making clove tea. Here we will share with you how to make the best clove tea.

The benefits of clove tea are very good for health, only by using 2 ingredients you can make your own clove tea. Consuming clove tea is the best way to rid the body of toxins and bring your body to a better health.

How To Make Clove Tea

How To Make Clove Tea?

To make clove tea you only need to prepare two ingredients:

  • 1-4 whole cloves
  • 1 cup of water

How to:

Take a pot and add water and cloves, bring the cloves to a boil. After 4 minutes, turn off the heat. Then add honey to your cup, and pour the cloves boiled water. You can skip the honey if you want it to be healthier.

When is the best time to enjoy clove tea? You can enjoy it in the morning before consuming various foods. To regularize clove tea, just drink one cup every day, not more than a cup because you are worried it will be bad for your stomach. If you are under medical treatment, then consult before you drink this clove decoction.

Note: Cloves are warm spices, so stay away from consuming too much because it is not good for the intestines. But if in snowy and very cold areas, you can consume 1-2 cups per day. Thus quoted from HerZindagi.

Benefits Of Drinking Clove Tea

Drinking clove tea regularly in reasonable amounts is good for overall body health. Among the benefits of drinking clove boiled water are as follows:

1. Clove is an antioxidant-rich herb and it is great for fighting free radicals and repairing chemical damage. Antioxidants are also useful for boosting immunity.

2. Cloves are antiseptic and anti-viral, antimicrobial. So the benefits of drinking clove tea are to prevent infections, colds, and treat coughs.

3. Clove tea is useful for improving digestion. When your digestion is healthy then it helps you in losing weight.

4. Clove tea is an herbal drink to treat shortness of breath, and is good for the treatment of sinusitis. Cloves contain eugenol compounds that are useful for clearing phlegm.

Clove Tea: Health Benefits and How to Make It

5. Cloves are herbs rich in vitamins E and K whose benefits are to help fight bacterial infections. It is beneficial in lowering body temperature.

6. Drinking warm clove tea can increase the body’s metabolism which in turn helps weight loss.

7. Clove tea is also one of the best herbs to treat sore gums and teeth. This herb contains anti-inflammatory which is good at killing bacteria that cause oral problems.

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8. Relieves arthritis. The benefits of clove tea for arthritis are already popular among the public, but many are still not aware of this information. For those of you who suffer from arthritis, make clove tea and drink it, your inflammation will decrease slowly.

9. The clove tea benefits also good to reduce stress. Those of you who drink this tea will certainly feel happy because of the content of stress relievers in clove herbs.

10. The benefits of clove tea are also good for cleaning toxins in the body. This tea is great for healing wounds, skin problems, and treating fungal infections.

11. Clove is a spice rich in antioxidants and its benefits are to overcome free radicals that cause cell damage. It is also often used as a natural ingredient to clean hands. Rub some cold cloves over your hands and this will cleanse your hands of bacteria and act as a natural hand sanitizer.

Well, now you are familiar with clove tea and already know some of the health benefits of clove tea. Make it your morning habit to reap the incredible benefits of this magical herb.