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22 Amazing Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice For Skin And Health

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice. Drinking a glass of sugar cane water not only eliminates thirst but also gives freshness to the whole body. Hot weather is increasingly making sugarcane sold and sought. India for example, the ability of cane juice to provide freshness and eliminate fatigue makes this plant more popular. Health benefits of cane juice can not be separated from the content of essential nutrients in it. Among them are proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex.

How? Want to know more about the health benefits of sugarcane? Let’s read on!

Sugarcane Introduction Briefly

This stem crop has a scientific name saccharum officinarum. He is in the Poaceae family, his native country is Papua New Guinea. Some other names for plant stems (sugar cane) are Ganna (Hindi), Karibpu (Malayalam), Karumbu (Tamil), Cheruku (Telugu), Sugarcane (Indonesia), Teube (Aceh).

Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice For Skin And Health

Interesting Facts About Sugarcane

  1. Sugarcane does not contain any fat. Its content is 100% natural water, only 30 grams contain natural sugar. So, you do not need to add sugar to sugar cane water.
  2. Sugarcane is a grass plant with 36 variations and types. It is in the genus saccharum.
  3. In the past 1493, Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane to the Caribbean and planted it there. Now sugar cane has spread all over the world.
  4. Sugarcane juice only contains calories as much as 15 cal.
  5. Cane Plant can grow up to 30 feet and can take 9-24 months. But this also depends on the climate of the area where it grows.
  6. Sugarcane juice is fructose, sucrose, and there are several other glucose.

Health benefits of Sugarcane Juice for Skin

Consuming cane juice can provide great benefits for your skin. This magic juice can rejuvenate the skin in no time. Here we look at some of the benefits of cane juice for skin health.

1. Treating Acne

Cane juice is known to remove powerful acne naturally. So, if your face a lot of acne, use sugarcane juice masks regularly. In a short time you will see its development.

How to make sugarcane mask

Prepare cane juice and multani mitti, then do the following.

  1. Mix a little multani mitti into the sugar cane water, it is useful to form a moderate concentration in the liquid
  2. Apply this mask on face and neck carefully
  3. Let stand for 20 minutes
  4. Next, clean the face and your neck using a wet towel.

To get the results you want, at least use this mask for a week on a regular basis.

Did you know that sugarcane juice is contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), such as glycolic acid which is useful to improve cell work. The cane juice will remove dead skin cells and the contents of your acne.

2. Avoid Premature Aging

If you are afraid of early wrinkles that make you look older than your age, now you do not have to worry. You can prevent premature aging with the help of cane juice.

Sugarcane juice contains flavonoids, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. These substances that provide health benefits cane juice is so incredible. It also provides benefits such as soft skin, luminous skin, and has a stable humidity.

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Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

In addition to the benefits of cane juice for the skin, this magic juice also keeps the benefits to health in general. Here we see one by one!

3. Increase Energy Instantly

If you are exhausted after work, or dehydration then sugar cane juice is the solution. Cane juice also changes your mood quickly and gives freshness to the body.

Simple sugar (sucrose) in sugarcane will fill the sugar that your body lost so tired and lethal immediately disappear.

4. Safe Against Pregnancy

Furthermore, the health benefits of sugarcane juice are also good for the health of pregnant women. So, pregnant women are advised to include this drink in its diet.

Juice of sugarcane contains a lot of folic acid, vitamin B9 is useful to avoid birth defects. In addition, cane juice is able to minimize the problem of ovulation thereby increasing the potency of fertilization (stylecraze.com)

5. Helps the Growth of Bones and Teeth

Give cane juice to your child in growing period. So, you do not have to worry about the problem of tooth decay.

Sugarcane is rich in potassium which is useful for building your skeleton including teeth and bones. So, sugarcane is very well consumed by small children.

6. Prevent Bad Breath and Tooth Decay

If you have trouble with bad breath due to tooth decay, immediately grab sugar cane juice as your home remedy. Sugarcane contains phosphorus, calcium which is responsible for forming tooth enamel. The flow of cane nutrients will prevent your tooth decay.

Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice For treating tooth decay

In addition, your bad breath is the effect of a lack of some nutrients and cane juice can deflect this problem.

7. Helps the liver function

The extraordinary health benefits of sugarcane is to treat liver problems such as jaundice. Here’s how to make potions

Materials needed:

  • A glass of fresh cane juice
  • Lime juice

How to make it?

You only need to drink a glass of cane juice that has been mixed with a little lemon juice. Drink twice a day.

Jaundice is a problem that occurs because the liver is not functioning properly and there is a blockage in the bile. Health benefits of sugar cane juice is to balance the glucose level so that accelerate healing. Cane juice is also alkaline good to keep the electrolyte in the body. This process will stop the overdrive on the liver.

9. Treating fever

Many people do not know this benefit, but this is true. Juice of sugarcane will prevent protein loss in the body so you do not experience fatigue. It is will make your fever completely healed.

10. Helpful for digestive tonic

Digestion is the inlet and discharge of food. The organ health is very important to be maintained. If you have problems with digestion then cane juice can be your consideration.

Cane juice contains potassium which is useful for balancing the abdominal pH and helps the digestive secretion.

11. Cures Febrile Disorders

Health benefits of sugarcane juice also famous for things relate to symptoms of fever. It is common happen in children on growing age.

Fever in children with high temperatures will remove the protein, and this magic sugarcane juice will help overcome this nutritional loss.

12. Fight cancer

Maybe you have not heard this before, the efficacy of sugarcane juice was a strong defense against cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer.

The content of flavonoids in cane juice inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the milk glands. This really reduces the risk of breast cancer. Thus the results of the latest research (book google).

13. Treating diabetes

If you think sugarcane juice is bad for diabetics because it tastes sweet, then you are totally wrong. Sugarcane is a drink that is good for diabetes but should be consumed in moderation.

Sucrose in sugarcane contains a low glycemic index. This is what keeps the blood sugar levels always under control. We know that the rise blood sugar is the cause of diabetes.

14. Treating Sore Throat

If you feel itchy in the throat, you can drink a glass of cane juice that has been mixed with black salt. Furthermore, the high vitamin C content is a strong reason for treating sore throats.

Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice For treating sore troats

15. Strengthens Organs

All organs of the body need a balanced power to be aligned to work with other organs. The essential sugar from sugarcane juice will help the organs to gain strength like sensory organs, reproductive organs, and brain.

16. Prevent DNA Damage

Consuming a glass of cane juice every day will keep your DNA well and avoid the damage caused by radiation exposure. Cane is rich in antioxidants that prevent oxidative degradation of fat and lipids. It also guards and fortifies from DNA damage

17. Maintain Weight

The next health benefits of sugarcane juice is fight bad cholesterol. We know that bad cholesterol (LDL) is one of the causes of weight problems. Cane contains soluble fiber that can control weight.

18. Heals Wounds

Apparently, cane juice can also accelerate wound healing. This is thanks to the presence of sucrose which is useful for wound healing naturally. Here, you can also use the juice on the wound on the outside of the skin.

19. Eliminating Toxins in the Body

Eating cane juice regularly can secrete toxins in the body and fight against harmful foreign substances. In addition, this magic juice also increases metabolism so that the body functions optimally. Good metabolism can also help you lose weight normally.

20. Helpful for Healthy Nails

If your nails are soft and not pretty, you seem to have to try fresh drinks from this sugarcane. Kuu seems unhealthy due to lack of nutrition. While a glass of cane juice can mask this nutritional deficiency.

21. Treats Acidity

Maybe you often feel like burning in the stomach and intestines. Cane juice is alkaline then it works to reduce acid and maintain the balance of acid-base in the body.

22 Improve immunity

Because it is rich in antioxidants, sugarcane juice is very important in boosting immunity. This drink works against diseases such as digestive diseases and liver problems. In addition, these antioxidants are also useful for neutralizing bilirubin.

A Word Of Caution

Actually, cane juice does not give any adverse effects on health. But this also depends on the circumstances of each things.

These are some things you need to pay attention

Drinking a glass of cane juice is very easy for you, but if it is not clean then it can cause diarrhea for you. Remember! Cane juice is the best place for the development of microorganisms.

Do not drink sugarcane juice that is already 15 minutes out of refrigerator. It has the potential for adverse effects on your body and intestines.

Do not drink more than two glasses a day unless you have jaundice. Remember! Any surplus can be harmful to the our body.