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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Vitamin D – Vitamins D are substances that come from the sun and from some type of food. It is have a very important role for health, particularly in the absorption of calcium. Lack of vitamin D makes the body unable to absorb calcium properly, it will cause the weakness in the bones. The main source for vitamin D is sunlight. Besides the sun, vitamin D can also be obtained from certain foods like tuna, cheese, salmon, and eggs. In addition, the current source of Vitamin D is already there in the form of supplements, because the more people who are deficient in vitamin D.

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Keeping the body in order to always getting supply of vitamin D is very important. So, we wanted to write about the importance benefits of vitamin D for health. Hopefully a lot of people are aware of the needs to vitamin D. Let’s see some amazing health benefits of vitamin D, as quoted from boldsky.com.

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Avoid heart disease

Cardiovascular disease can occur when the body is deprived of vitamin D. Thus, lack of vitamin D is an essential factor to the possibility of cardiovascular disease. One way to avoid heart disease is by keeping your body always sufficient to vitamin D.

2. Against Depression

Vitamin D also plays a role in the fight against depression. Some studies reveal that vitamin D deficiency is closely linked with depression. So, how to dispel depression can be done to meet the need for vitamin D.

3. Stronger bones

To get strong bones is not only necessary to calcium but also need to vitamin D. One of health benefits of vitamin D is to help strengthen bones. So, vitamin D deficiency makes your bones weak and brittle. Not only that, but also can cause complication if not soon be overcome.

4. Reduce the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a terrible disease, a disease characterized by increased blood sugar, it is also associated with vitamin D. It is often found that those who suffer from diabetes are those who are deficient in vitamin D. Thus, by keeping the body’s need for vitamin D, a person has the potential to be free from diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

5. Prevent Cancer

The study found that people who consume vitamin D in adequate amounts lower to attack cancer. While they that deficient in vitamin D have a higher risk of cancer.

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6. Fight infection

Furthermore, the benefits of vitamin D for health is fighting infection. The existence of adequate vitamin D in the body into an effective weapon against a variety of bacteria that cause viral infections, flu, and others. If you have a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body, then you are strong in keeping the body from bacteria.

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7. Protects From Multiple Sclerosis

Based on research, the daily dose of vitamin D can prevent multiple sclerosis. If you already suffer from this disease, please suffice the need of vitamin D. Vitamin D can alleviate this problem. So, do not underestimate the presence of vitamin D in the body.