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Overdoses of Vitamin B12 Trigger Side Effect

Overdoses of vitamin B12 trigger side effect. Vitamin B12 is one of the needed vitamins by our body, but take it in overdoses can trigger some side effect that is bad for your health. So, before you take it lets see the exact information about it, how much must be consumed or how it can give us the side effect. For this purpose, you can consult your doctor. Don’t take anything that you not sure about it, because can cause the bad result to health.

What for Vitamin B12?

There are a number reasons for taking this supplement in daily life. Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamin B complete that soluble in water. The Excessive of this vitamin can be issued in urine. Has many functions of this vitamin. One of them are support in the formation of red blood cells, enhance the body immune, keep the DNA health and produce energy for the body. It’s can help the dealing of anemia.

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Consume or intake the vitamin B12 into the body can be done by one of these three ways.

  1. Injections of vitamin B12 that can be done by your health service or provider
  2. Vitamin B12 also available in health store
  3. Vitamin B12 available by themselves in body

The Vitamin B12 Side Effect that Can Occur

Consumption of vitamin b12 in huge amount is not too dangerous or give some effect because it’s the water soluble vitamin. If this is excessive, it will be issued from the body. So this vitamin intake is hard to reach the overdoses, so these is nothing too scary with.

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However, there are some things that you should to lookout for if you are a vitamin b12 supplement consumer.

  1. If you excessive in taking the vitamin b12, you will feel some effect like numbing, tingling on your face, hand.
  2. According to National Institutes that people with Leber disease do not recommend to consume B12 vitamin because it’s can causes some things scary to you. It’s the damage to optic nerve.
  3. It’s like have a correlation between vitamin b12 and certain cancer. In a study said that people consume vitamin b12 in excessively can trigger to prostate cancer.

It’s similar to Mayo Clinic that lists some health disorder when to take Vitamin B12 in excessively. Let’s below

  1. The narrowing blood vessel is one of the health problems that occur when someone consume vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 in overdone.
  2. The excessively of vitamin B12 can cause the high blood pressure, rash, pustules, skin problem.
  3. Nausea, painful swallowing, diarrhea are another issue can happen in excessive of vitamin B12
  4. Then, the side effect of vitamin B12 causes the fatal hypokalemia at people with megaloblastic anemia.
  5. If you have uric Acid, you must be careful in taking the vitamin b12 because it’s could exacerbate matters.

Tips to Avoid Excess Vitamin B12

Indeed, vitamin B12 overdose is rare, but you should be careful in consuming vitamin B12 in the form of capsules. The best thing is certain foods that contain vitamin B12 because in this way you will not be an excess of vitamin B12. The food provides vitamin b12 is the best for the body.

If you want to consume vitamin B12 supplement, you should consult with a doctor of nutrition, is intended that what was done was not wrong and does not trigger side effects of vitamin B12.

How to Safely Consume Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is beneficial to the body and give good health. However, it is also not uncommon side effects if consumed excessively. So, you are ordered to pay more attention to vitamin B12 in food or fruits and vegetables. If not, then you can take any supplement, but must go through the supervision of physicians experienced.

For best results, you stick to the daily dose of vitamin B12, do not let more or less. This method is very useful and can maximize your health and stay away from side effects.