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Health Benefits of Red Ginger to Treat Cancer

Health Benefits of Red Ginger to Treat Cancer

Red ginger that in Latin is called “Zingiber officinale Linn Var.Rubrum“, turns out to have enormous health benefits. Red Ginger is not only useful for when his body is warmed in the winter but also useful as a raw material essential herb in traditional medicine. The Red Ginger has special benefits for women with breast and cervical cancers.

Health Benefits of Red Ginger to Treat Cancer

People help treat cancer by using chemotherapy technology. Using chemotherapy is hazardous for your health. Not only is the price high, but also very painful, not infrequently do those using chemotherapy experience nausea, dizziness, loss of hair and damage to other internal organs.

Chemotherapy is intended to kill the cancer cells in the body, but at the same time, the body’s cells are also damaged and die due to the effects of chemotherapy. For various reasons, many patients give up and stop the therapy process. However, there are also patients who switched to using traditional medicine to relieve pain and suppress expenditure.

Many herbs can be used to kill cancer such as sours op leaves. Besides sour stop leaves, other herbs can be used, it’s red ginger. By using this traditional material cervical cancer patient and breast cancer as regain hope for recovery.

In the red ginger extract contains ethanol as anti-breast cancer, while Java chili contains anti-cervical cancer. So merging these two materials is excellent for killing both types of cancer in women. Both natural ingredients not only prevent but also serve as a chemopreventive so it can fight cancer growth.

So how to cultivate natural products that can be enjoyed as an aperitif? One way to process this material is to make it a wedang beverage or wedang cup.

To make one mug wedang cup needed three mugs of water to boil, 5 pieces of chili Java, 2 segments red ginger, 5 grains of kemukus, 5 grains of dried cardamom, 5 cloves seed, stick of lemongrass part (whites only), piece of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon cup of wood shavings, and rock sugar or honey to sweeten.

How to make: Make sure all herbal ingredients are already in a clean state. If necessary, briefly washed. Put all the ingredients into a saucepan except sugar cubes and a cup of wood shavings, and then boil.

The result will be better if the boiling process uses a pot of clay. But if you use metal pans, preferably the boiling process uses low heat. This is useful to prevent excessive heat can damage the compound in the herb. If it were boiling, the fire diminished again.

When the water is boiling, put the cup of wood shavings. Boil until the water recedes and the remaining about one mug. Water decoction is then poured into a mug and served by adding a sugar cube that has a sweet taste.


The health benefits of red ginger to treat cancer can be obtained by regularly drinking a cup wedang. The best time to enjoy this drink is delicious when the night (while relaxing with the family).

That’s the health benefits of red ginger to treat cancer. Maybe useful