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8 Reasons To Eat Amla Every Day

Reasons To Eat Amla – If you ask, which fruit has a higher vitamin C content than oranges? So one answer is amla. The content of vitamin C in amla is 8 times more than in oranges. When compared with pomegranate, the vitamin C content in amla can be 17 times more. Amla, also known as gooseberry, is a super food that deserves to be consumed every day to meet your vitamin C intake.

The fruit is clear green, its name is “Amlaki” from Sanskrit, which means “nectar of life”. Amla fruit can be the body’s fortress against various types of diseases. It is good for preventing diseases such as flu, cancer and even infertility. Ayurveda states that consuming amla can help the three doshas (Kapha/ vista/pitta) in the body and is beneficial for eliminating the underlying causes of disease.

To understand more about the health benefits of amla, read on this article until the end, we will present some of the benefits of consuming amla and why you should eat this fruit every day.

Amla Benefits for Health

Why do you have to eat amla every day? This is a result of the many nutrients in the amla fruit. So, it is very beneficial for human health, so we must consume it every day.

1. Fight and treat the common cold

Vitamin C in amla is absorbed more easily by the body compared to taking supplements that are available in stores. The way to consume amla is to mix two teaspoons of amla powder with two teaspoons of honey. This is useful for recovering conditions flu, colds. However, if you are in good health, you can consume it once a day. This is only for permanent protection from disease.

2. Good for vision health

Another benefit of amla is that it helps your eyesight stay healthy. Amla contains a lot of carotene which is beneficial for eye health. So, consuming amla is said to reduce cataracts, prevent itching, redness of the skin and prevent watery eyes. This great benefit is what makes you diligent in consuming amla fruit every day.

3. Good for burning fat

Only a few people talk about this, even though amla is a very important food in burning body fat, and this is very good for those of you who are losing weight. The protein content in amla helps you prevent overeating and snacking. Many people say that drinking a glass of amla juice before eating can prevent eating too much or can reduce the portion from usual.

Amla fruit, tannic acid and high fiber are quite good for intestinal health. Fiber will help bowel movements so that waste disposal becomes smooth. This will prevent constipation and reduce your weight.

4. Increase immunity

Amla contains astringent and anti-bacterial properties which are great for boosting immunity. The antioxidant content in amla fruit is important to keep body cells from being damaged by free radicals. Antioxidants will fight free radicals that cause cell damage. That is why we have to eat foods high in antioxidants and amla fruit or amla juice is one of the choices.

5. Beautify hair

The benefits of amla are also good for beauty, amla fruit is useful not only for health but also very good for hair beauty. Amla has leaves that are rich in essential substances to prevent gray hair, strengthen hair roots, prevent dandruff, and are very helpful in increasing blood flow to the scalp. To get healthy and shiny hair you can use amla oil. Now many beauty products use Amla fruit in making their products because of the beauty benefits they have.

6. Healthy skin

To get benefits for the skin, it is recommended that you consume amla juice every day mixed with pure honey. Amla because of its antioxidant content, it is able to prevent premature aging and keeps skin healthy, fresh and not dry. Before breakfast, it is recommended that you drink amla juice and do this every day, so your skin will always be shiny and beautiful.

7. Manage chronic conditions

One of the ingredients in amla that is good for maintaining health is chromium. Chromium can lower cholesterol levels, stimulate insulin production so it is good for diabetics and can help improve blood pressure to remain normal.

8. Relieve pain

Pain is very worrying because it prevents our various activities. Now there are natural remedies for pain relief. Amla is one of nature’s fruits that is useful for relieving pain. Amla fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain. To treat mouth ulcers, you can rinse your mouth with amla juice.

How to Use Amla

To get the maximum benefit from amla, you can drink fresh amla juice, and this fruit usually comes in the harvest period from December to April. The taste is a bit sour, if you don’t like sour taste, you can add or try other alternatives from amla fruit.


Take the amla and remove the seeds, cut into small pieces and mix in a little salt, let it dry for a few days. If it is completely dry, try to keep it in a jar and enjoy a little at a time.


Another way to enjoy amla is to pickle it. You can make the pickles spicy or sweet. If you want it to be sweet, soak the pickled amla in sugar water.