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Does Peanut Butter Make You Constipated

Peanut butter is one of the popular foods in America. It is made from a mixture of peanuts with baked beans. Does peanut butter cause constipation? To answer this, we need to know what is inside.

Nutritional value in this food is certainly good, but some peanut butter producers add other ingredients to add flavor. Among those added are emulsifiers, salts and sweeteners and some even use hydrogenated vegetable oils. Using of this ingredients only adds flavor but reduces nutritional value in peanut butter. Referring to its content, peanut butter does not cause constipation, here we learn more about nutrition in peanut butter.

Does Peanut Butter Cause Constipation

As the answer above that peanut butter does not cause constipation. This food is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber.

So what is the benefit of soluble and insoluble fiber? The soluble fiber in peanut butter plays a role in water absorption and then forms a gel. It helps sustain a glut so it’s good to lose weight.

In a spoon of peanut butter has contains 0.3 grams of soluble fiber. This is equivalent to consume a piece of whole grain bread. Its properties that absorb water, filling properties is very well to lose weight, eliminate cholesterol and overcome diabetes. Among the soluble fiber in peanut butter is in pectin form, and the mucus in the nut plant cell.

While insoluble fiber is useful to help waste disposal, increase the mass of feces and bind dirt and remove it in the form of feces. The high soluble fiber in peanut butter makes it good to overcome constipation. So, peanut butter does not cause constipation as said by many people.

The amount of insoluble fiber in peanut butter is quite high. In one tablespoon contains 0.7 grams. This amount is equal to the amount of insoluble fiber in a cup of mushroom or three dry plums. The amount of insoluble fiber in peanut butter is more than watermelon, cucumber, and raisins.

Besides preventing constipation, the benefit of consuming high insoluble fiber foods is to prevent pancreatic cancer, gastric ulcers, and hemorrhoids.

Peanut butter cause constipation, eat with bread
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Side Effects of Consuming Peanut Butter

Although the content of insoluble fiber is quite a lot, but consuming peanut butter for some people can also cause constipation. In addition, there are some other adverse effects that occur because of consuming too much peanut butter. Here we see one by one.

1. Induces IBS

Constipation after consuming peanut butter usually occurs in those who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is a disturbance in the digestive tract that causes stomach cramps, diarrhea and pain. In addition, this syndrome also causes abdominal bloating, irregular bowel movements and stools become hard.

2. Allergies

Some people have an allergic reaction to peanuts. So, they should not consume nuts in any form including peanut butter. It aims to prevent allergies in them.

3. Increase weight

It’s good to lose weight, but consuming too much peanut butter actually causes obesity. It is caused by the high saturated fat in peanut butter. Moreover, bean products have added sugar, salt and other synthetic materials. If you like to eat peanut butter, the key is limit it.

It is better if you combine peanut butter with other fiber sources such as whole wheat bread. Another way to consume peanut butter is by add to vegetables such as lettuce or spinach. In addition to providing many types of fiber also provides many nutrients.

Does Peanut Butter Cause Constipation

High fiber content is a lucrative thing for bean fans. However, that does not mean eating peanut butter does not cause constipation. The solution is eat it in moderation, not excessive. Beside that, eating peanut butter with a piece of bread or with a salad is a good thing to try.