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Different Types of Water And Their Purposes

7 types of water and their uses. Water is the reason behind why there is life on this earth. Water is one of the causes of life. Even 70% of the human body itself consists of water. You can imagine if there was no water, of course there would be no life on this earth. because that’s also why we have to consume lots of water every day. In this short article we will explain the 7 types of water and their purpose, read on for an explanation.

Water has tremendous benefits in the human body. Among the benefits of water is that it helps the digestive process, removes bacteria from the bladder, carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, maintains electrolyte balance, prevents constipation, and many other uses of water. In fact, it has become a tradition in various parts of the world to provide drinking water to every guest who comes. This shows that the benefits of water have become a culture in human life.

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Water contains minerals and nutrients that can make the body relieved and healthy again. But we must know that there are many types of water. Here we will discuss 7 types of water and their benefits and what is the difference between mineral water and other water. Here water is divided according to its place, consistency, treatment and composition.

7 Types of Water in Our Life

1. Mineral water

Mineral water is water that is a place for mineral content. This water usually comes from the ground floor or in a borehole. Among the minerals in this water such as calcium, manganese, and magnesium. The essential minerals give it a reputation and make it considered healthy water to drink. Each bottled water can have a different mineral level. Sometimes some types have more minerals and some others have less. mineral content sometimes also makes the water taste a little salty.

So, mineral water is water that is usually consumed as drinking water, and the source is at the ground floor.

2. Tap water

Tap water is water that comes out of the tap, it is not necessarily suitable for drinking and bathing. However, because it comes from a tap, it is called tap water. To be sure, tap water is widely used for household purposes related to cleaning, gardening, or washing clothes.

So, if you want to drink, you have to see if the water is standardized by the local health agency, because generally tap water is only used for these purposes.

3. Spring water

The spring water is a type of water that is almost the same as mineral water because it comes from underground. Spring water is derived from rainwater that collects and then enters the ground and leaves as springs. Because it comes from underground, this water is also considered suitable for consumption.

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Spring water is a type of water that is healthy and a source of human life or as a substitute for mineral water. This water is also used for various household purposes including for gardening, washing or cleaning fish and vegetables.

Spring water one of types of water

4. Purified water

Purified water is a type of water that has passed the purification process from its source. At first this water is dirty and then it is processed or purified by removing all dirt, solids, bacteria, contaminants, so that this water is suitable for drinking water. To get this water, we can buy it at the market or it is called bottled mineral water.

Now all kinds of water can be purified and sterilized even if the source is very dirty. Water purification technology has been widely used, they purify various types of water such as river water and then sold as drinking water.

5. Well water

When it rains, water that falls to the ground will seep underground. This water collects underground and forms underground lakes. Well water is often found in rural areas, they dig the ground with a certain size to find springs. This water will come out in the well and be taken to be pulled up to the surface.

This is a type of water that is very clean and healthy to drink or use for everyday purposes. However, some of it still needs to be cooked to make it healthier, especially if the well is close to a marsh or swamp.

6. Distilled water

The distilled water is a type of water that has reduced or removed all types of minerals and salts through osmosis and distillation processes. Distilled water is water that is completely pure and free from various substances in it other than water. Distilled water is not recommended for drinking, because this water does not contain minerals and salt, it is feared that those who drink it can cause mineral deficiencies.

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If you drink distilled water, you will lose sodium, chloride, potassium and meganesium, even though these are essential minerals for the body.

7. Sparkling water

The seventh jensi of water is sparkling water. Usually at your drinking place, the beverage waiter asks to bring you sparkling water, or mineral or plain water. Sparkling water is water that does not go through the carbonation process so it doesn’t cause the water to be like soda.

So, sparkling water can be purified drinking water, spring water, or mineral water.

Such are the types of water that exist in our lives based on their place and the process of making them. I hope this information is helpful !