Dangers of Instant Noodles for Health

Dangers of Instant Noodles for Health, this is a very important article to read. Instant noodles is fast food that is very much in demand. Usually, this food is found among students, children, and people who are busy enough to cook. Instant noodles have a good flavor and delicious, so many people are addicted to these foods.

Whereas consuming instant noodles continuously is very harmful for your health. Many parents do not know that instant noodles are very dangerous so that they do not care when children consume these foods. The danger of instant noodles for health is not directly visible, but the uneasy feeling you will immediately feel like bloating, gas, indigestion noncurrent etc.

Why are the dangers of instant noodles for health enormous? Instant noodles made from refined carbohydrates that little fiber. This will encourage the rapid rise in blood sugar, weight gain rapidly and several other health problems that are very dangerous. Besides, instant noodles also contain dyes, preservatives that also contribute to the destruction of your health. Here are some dangers of instant noodles for your health.

8 Dangers of Instant Noodles for Health

1. Destructive digestion

Do you like fast foods? You should not consume them frequently. Enough to eat once a month, if not then your digestion will be damaged. Eating instant noodles with a routine will help your digestive problems. You will feel abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea, heart burning, stomach, bloating and heavy feeling.

2. High blood pressure

Instant noodles contain lots of sodium that could stimulate increased blood pressure, kidney damage, and fluid retention in the hands and feet. The dangers of eating instant noodles would be very dangerous for those who have experienced high blood pressure and kidney problems.

3. Lowering metabolism


Furthermore, the danger of instant noodles for health reduces the body’s metabolism. This will add weight drastically. This is the effect of the toxins accumulated in the body due to the many noodles instant. Toxins in instant noodles come from flavors, colors, and preservatives that exist.

4. Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

The next instant noodles danger is derived from MSG or monosodium glutamate contained in instant noodles. MSG added in instant noodles to taste delicious.

Research reveals that MSG is a danger because it can cause brain damage, kidney disease, and other illnesses. People who are allergic to instant noodles sometimes also cause chest pain, headaches, and other problems.

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5. Containing Wax

Wax is one of the ingredients that cause harmful instant noodles. It is a waxy substance that prevents the noodles huddled together among each other. So when should you soak the noodles cook instant noodles in hot water beforehand?

When the noodles are soaked in hot water, you will see a layer of wax floating on the water surface. The wax content of the instant noodles can be a cause of stomach problems and constipation.

6. Cancer-Causing content

The next dangers of instant noodles for health because it contain some of which are known to trigger cancer. Mainly instant noodles packaged in cups. Cup noodles contain many harmful substances in a given time can be mixed with instant noodles.

7. Damage Liver

Not only contains wax in instant noodles but also contains a humectant is a substance that makes the noodles antifreezer. This substance is very dangerous and it says could lead to damage to the liver and kidneys.

Not only damage the liver and kidneys, but these substances also cause a weakening of the immune system.

8. Gasses, Bloating and indigestion problems

Instant noodles are very easily made and presented. However, you need to know that instant noodles are tough to digest by the digestion, the noodles tend to stick to the intestine, this is why random instant noodles often cause a buildup of gas in the stomach.