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7 Amazing Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For Men

The benefits of dark chocolate have long been heard in various media, but many also consider it a lie and a thing that is not true. In fact, black chocolate is really beneficial for men and women’s health. however, these properties are obtained if you consume moderation.

Well, if you like chocolate, you can be proud because in addition to giving happiness and relax you also can get great health benefits. Read on in this article to discover the benefits of dark chocolate for men and women.

If you often hear the news that black chocolate is not good for your health, you must complete this brilliant bead.

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Big Hoax About Dark Chocolate

Lately we often hear about the bad effects of chocolate, but we need to tell that it is a big lie. News that cornered chocolate is only made to get trending in certain media.

We believe that dark chocolate is great for health, but you should be selective in this regard because of the many types of chocolate made with many artificial flavors and sweeteners. This is bad for health, choose pure chocolate with a bit bitter taste.

What Makes Black Chocolate So Amazing?

Ok, let’s take a closer look at chocolate, what is the content in chocolate so that it is so useful and special for human health.

High Antioxidants

One of the greatest ingredients in dark chocolate is an antioxidant called flavanol, it consists of catechins, epicatechins, and procyanidins. If you like green tea, you know that catechins are substances that are behind the greatness of green tea.

In a study conducted to test the antioxidant content in foods, cocoa powder is the most antioxidant food compared to foods such as raspberries, ginger, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and several other foods.

However, this research arises because it is done in a tube, they question how its existence if it is in the human body. However, there are many studies that reveal that chocolate has many benefits for the health of the human body.

High Anti-Inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory rich foods are essential for the body to prevent and stop inflammation in various parts of the body. If the body is inflamed, then the problems that may arise are heart disease, aging, cancer, and various other health problems.

Fortunately there is good food to stop the inflammation, chocolate is among the many foods rich in anti-inflammatory.

Nutrition Storehouse

Another thing that makes black chocolate useful and so special is because it is considered as a storehouse of nutrients. How much nutrition in dark chocolate? we see in the following list. The list is based on 100 chocolate bars with 70-85% cocoa content.

  • 8 g of Protein
  • 67% of your RDA (Recommend Daily Average) of Iron
    11g of Fiber
  • 98% of your RDA of Manganese
  • 58% of your RDA of Magnesium
  • 89% of your RDA of Copper
  • 21% of your RDA of Potassium
  • 22% of your RDA of Zinc
  • 31% of your RDA of Phosphorous
  • Fun as a snacks

However, dark chocolate also contains many calories, that’s as much as not recommended for excessive consumption. You do not need to consume one pure black chocolate bar, eat half or 1/3 only.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

1. Maintain heart health

There are amazing benefits of dark chocolate, if you have dark chocolate occasionally, then your heart will always be healthy despite being elderly. This is great and becomes an important science to apply in everyday life in an effort to maintain heart health.

You just need to eat a little to prevent heart attacks and strokes, according to research from Germany. This study is not bullish, but has been applied to approximately 19000 people, the results showed that those who ate chocolate 7.5 g / day had lower blood pressure and reduced the risk of stroke by 39% compared with those who only consume 1.7g / day. While studies say that people who consume cocoa on a regular basis can reduce the risk of death from heart attack by 50% in men. So, the benefits of dark chocolate for men is great and should be considered by those who do not like chocolate.

2. Good for Your Blood

One of the functions of flavanols in chocolate and cocoa is to increase blood flow in the body and limit platelet clumping. Another amazing thing is, flavanols are able to stimulate nitric oxide which is useful for widening blood vessels and preventing high blood pressure.

3. Good for blood health

One of the benefits and functions of flavanols in chocolate and cocoa is to increase blood flow in the body and limit platelet clumping. Another amazing thing is, flavanols are able to stimulate nitric oxide which is useful for widening blood vessels and preventing high blood pressure.

However, you are not advised to consume lots of chocolate, for the benefits mentioned you simply consume a little black chocolate per day.

4. Helps to lose weight

you need to remember that chocolate can not lose weight instantly, but it can help keep your program running. Eating chocolate serves to hold a sense of satiety so you are not so eager to consume whatever you see.

Maybe you often try to lose weight diet but always fail because it can not hold food. It’s your chance to hold it, the consumption of dark chocolate in moderation to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake.

5. Maintain a balance of cholesterol

You know that chocolate contains a lot of saturated fat, but why its benefits are able to control cholesterol? surprised?

You need to know that what you find in chocolate is derived from cocoa butter. It consists of components such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat, while stearic acid is saturated fat, but the presence of this saturated fat has no effect on good cholesterol (HDL). In addition, cocoa powder in chocolate is a component that can increase the amount of good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol in men. This is one of the benefits of dark chocolate for a great man.

6. Maintain healthy skin

Furthermore, the benefit of dark chocolate is to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Dark chocolate can also increase blood flow to the skin surface and keep skin hydrated. This will maintain the elasticity of skin and beauty.

Based on research shows that eating rich chocolate flavanols good for skin health because it is able to keep and protect the skin from UV effects. If you want to consume chocolate, see the label that contains flavanols.

7. Maintain brain health

Researchers from Harvard found that people who consumed dark chocolate on a regular basis could avoid Alzheimer’s disease. This is thanks to the presence of high antioxidants in dark chocolate that can protect the brain from aging.

This evidence has been proved in the form of research, where participants are asked to drink two cups of hot chocolate every day for 8 weeks, while others only consume less chocolate.

8. Stay Happy

health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For Men

It’s interesting where chocolate turns out to be beneficial for improving mood – especially unsweetened black chocolate – and keeping you happy. This is very good for lowering the risk of stress and anxiety.

The dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that makes you feel in love and stimulates the brain to release endorphins, so someone who eats chocolate feels happiness.