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4 Wonderful Benefits of Lemon Plums

Health benefits of lemon plums – One of the fruits that has exceptional health value is lemon plums. This fruit is able to improve immunity, lower cholesterol, improve the health of your eyes, lose weight, good for digestion and eliminate free radicals.

Lemon plums has extraordinary properties. It is includes very rare fruits, but you can find them in local markets or fruit shops. Lemon plums has just spread and widely known. Its comes from china, because it looks like lemon + plum then it is called with lemon plums.

The fruit has very long maturation process after the picking from its tree. Once you have picked it up, you can save it up to 300 hours before it looks ripe bit by bit. Its yellow-brown skin will turn reddish yellow but for a long time, may be you have to wait for more than a week. Lemon plums are very rare, so pay close attention to each of you through the fruit store, who knows you can find fruit that has this extraordinary health benefits.

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Now, the lemon plums fruit can be find in North and South American fruit markets. While elsewhere it may not be available. As a fruit in the family “orange” he certainly contains nutritional and majestic health benefits. Before we see the health benefits of lemons plums fruit, let’s see first the nutritional value.

Lemon Plums Nutritional Value

As with oranges in general, these fruits contain lots of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, low calorie, and others. This content certainly provides its own benefits for your body. Among the health benefits provided can we see below.

Health benefits of lemon plums fruit diagram

Health Benefits of Lemon Plums

1. Good for Digestive Health

Lemon plums is the same as vegetables and fruits in general. High fiber content is very beneficial for digestion. Its many fibers help bind fat in the intestines and dispose of waste easily. This process will prevent you from constipation and other digestive problems.

Among the digestive problems that can be avoided and cured are stomach cramps, bloating, excessive gas, colon cancer and peptic ulcers. In addition, thanks to the fiber, the health benefits of lemon plums is to lower bad cholesterol that can reduce the risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis, even stroke.

2. Weight Loss Aid

Thanks to the high nutrients, fiber and low calorie, lemon plums can help keep your weight stable and at normal limits. You do not have to be afraid of being overweight because the fiber also makes you full quickly. This will certainly limit you from eating too much.

3. Boost Immunity

Vitamin C is an extraordinary nutrient in lemon plums. Thanks to these nutrients, the health benefits of lemon plums can boost your immune system because they act as antioxidants. In addition, consuming this fruit can also increase the number of white blood cells, prevent free radicals, heal wounds, stimulate new cell growth and support other metabolic processes.

4. Antioxidant Activity

Furthermore, the health benefits of lemon plums are also proven by high vitamin A. Eyes are in need of vitamin A because its a  carotenoid. When carotenoid excess, then it turns into beta-caroteoid. This is good for vision health, improve skin quality, prevent premature aging, reduce macular degeneration, and prevent some types of cancer.

Current Facts of Lemon Plum

Lemon plum is the fruit of the Prunus Salicina family, it belongs to a rare variety of the Rosaceae variety. Initially, this type of lemon plum was cultivated in Israel and they called it the Lamoon plum, and when viewed from Arabic it means “lemon.” Then this lemon plum variety was handed over to Chilean farmers to be cultivated there and exported to America. (specialtyproduce.com)

Early in the 21st century, this lemon plum was introduced to the Canadian and American markets. In the United States a special type of lemon plum is marketed in limited quantities. It is only available in the market at some time of late winter and early spring. Lemon plum is quite famous for its unique fruit, nice shape and sharp and sweet taste. Despite the name “lemon plum” this fruit when ripe has a sour taste, which is why it is sometimes also known as “orange”. This fruit is increasingly popular because of its sweet taste when it is still fresh, this is also a rare fruit that must be immediately hunted when it appears on the market.

So what about the nutritional content? We know this fruit is good for health, as we mentioned above about some of the health benefits of lemon plum. Let’s take a peek at the following nutritional content.

Nutritional Value

Lemon plum is the best source of nutrients that are good for eye health, it contains lots of vitamins A and C. Apart from its benefits for the eyes, it is also good for immunity and skin brightness, and reduces inflammation. In addition to vitamin A, leon prunes are also rich in fiber which stimulates digestive tract repair.

Lemon plums also provide many other nutrients such as folate, calcium, and potassium.

Applications and Uses

Lemon plums are usually eaten fresh like you eat apples. The freshness will be felt when it is not fully ripe. When the skin of the fruit is yellow, it will be crispy, sour, and slightly acidic.

Some people eat fresh plums by sprinkling a little salt so that it will taste better on the tongue. You can also cut them into thin strips and add them to your salad. There are also those who process lemon plums as jams and jellies.

Ripe lemon plums are widely used as a topping on yogurt, cereal salads, and on bowls of oats.
You can also use lemon plums as a mixture on top of smoothies, and served with green beans, cinnamon, ginger, and if used as an ingredient in making ice cream.

The benefits of lemon plum are not only that, it is often used in a mixture with nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, also combined with nuts such as almonds, walnuts, berries, pecans, and chocolate. If you buy raw prunes, to make them ripe and soft, you need to store them at room temperature for a few days. If it is ripe, and you want it to last longer, you can put it in a plastic bag and then store it in the refrigerator to last for 3 weeks.

The History of Lemon Plums

The lemon plum fruit is grown through Ben Dor Fruits & Nurseries, it is the largest fruit producer in Israel, located in the northern part of the Hula valley or close to the border with Lebanon. Within the Lemon plum line through Ben Dor, there are two different varieties of lemon plum, some of which are grown seasonally in Israel in limited quantities and marketed throughout Israel locally.

In addition, lemon plums are also licensed to selected farmers in Chile. when it’s harvest time, lemon plums are shipped to the United States and Canada. In addition to plums imported from Chile, now there are also some American farmers who have started cultivating lemon plums. Until now, the lemon plum remains a rare plant with a limited fruiting season. When it’s harvest time, we usually only see retailers distributing this fruit to the market and then it disappears or runs out. The limited supply of lemon plums makes lemon plums quickly run out on the market.