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AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Provides a Number of Benefits for Some People, See the Study!

Alcoholics Anonymous is still a popular choice to get rid of alcoholism. There is a Harvard review study concluding that the AA program and the 12 step program can be beneficial for some people.

This is based on an analysis of studies in 27 cases, while the end result is data from 10,000 research subjects. The results of the study compared the effects of AA and programs related to cognitive behavioral outcomes. This works equally well by reducing the intensity of drinking and the negative consequences of drinking alcohol and the severity of addiction.

“We conducted this review because, while AA is popular, it remains unclear how helpful it actually is when we subject it to the same scientific evaluation standards as we would any other clinical intervention,” said John Kelly, founder and director of the MGH Recovery Research Institute and lead author of the review. “Surprisingly, we found that AA and related 12-step clinical treatments demonstrated the ability to produce higher abstinence and remission rates at a much-reduced health care cost as compared to other well-established clinical treatments.”

Further research found that people who were part of AA did not use other more expensive options such as the emergency room or mental health services.

about this paper, recently published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

If you are struggling to fight alcoholism or someone you know, please contact. You can visit the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism website to know more.