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Top 10 Premium Quality Chef Knives

For some people choosing a chef’s knife is difficult, even though with a little information you can find out the best type of chef’s knife that suits your needs. For housewives and chefs who always need a knife to cut healthy vegetables, or for various other purposes, it is very important to get a high-quality knife. If you want, you can easily find this information on the internet, including on this site. On this page, we present several types of chef knives that can support your profession as a chef.

Here we want to help you find premium quality chef knives. After reviewing and searching various sources and studying the types of metals and their properties, we finally concluded ten quality chef knives for you so you don’t have to do the same thing as what I did. You can simply read the description we provided below.

1. Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge

mac knife

Mac knife is a unique knife with size 8 inches. It is the only chef’s knife that has a hollow side. The sting of the knife isn’t really hollow. It doesn’t have holes in it. Rather it’s what tends to be known as dimples; small indents which make air pockets while you slice your food items. These air pockets allow it to be harder for your foods to suction alone towards the blade permitting the slices to tumble totally free in the blade and conserving you enough time and wrestle of regularly being forced to wipe the blade clear.

2. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife

shun premier

This is the second choice in the list of quality knives for chefs. Shun premier is a knife that has a layered roof and makes it more comfortable in the hand. The knife made with hit and forged with hand already has a curve that fits in the back.

What’s amazing is 16 layers of stainless steel. The stainless steel will make this knife extremely rust-resistant but harder to maintain sharp compared to the significant-carbon metal employed by a lot of rivals. The amount sixteen should be a favorite between Shun inventors because the blade of the knife was not created up from the sixteen layers, it also sharpened at a very sharp sixteen-degree.

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3. Dalstrong Gladiator Series

dalstrong knife

Dalstrong Gladiator is the strongest knife on our list. An 8-inch chef knife uses high-carbon steel. The knife made of steel is the strongest knife ever made.

You don’t need to worry about this knife, it won’t break during your work. In addition, the thing that has been feared by the chef is the blade that detaches from the handle. Blade Dalstrong Gladiator is very safe because it can be ensured that it will not be detached from the handle.

4. Imarku Professional Chef Knife

Imarku Professional Chef Knife

The average size is 8 inches. This steel knife is one of the most preferred types of knives in various restaurants. This knife with high carbon steel very strong and sharp for a long time, different from ordinary knives that must always be sharpened and often cause rust. Imarku is an anti-rust knife that has a 15-degree angle, this is definitely sharper and stronger than the average knives in its class.

With such specifications, this knife is undoubtedly in difficult activities. You don’t have to worry about slipping when you cut something. It is forged, using high and thick carbon steel. These three things gave hope that Imarku knife was worth having.

5. Shun DM0706 Classic

Shun DM0706 Classic

Shun is available in several sizes, 6.8 and 10 inches. This knife has a 16-degree angle with a high level of sharpness. The manufacturer also uses 32 high carbon steels. In addition to anti-rust, its also remains sharp without having to be sharpened.

6. Equinox Professional 8-Inch Knife

Equinox Professional 8-Inch Knife

Furthermore, premium quality chef knives are Equinox. It measures 8 inches like most knives. However, it is made from stainless steel rather than high carbon steel. It was unable to maintain his sharpness as in a knife made of carbon steel.

Equinox looks superior to its non-round handle. In addition, it is also has a finger groove as a place for the strong grip.

7. J. A. Henckels

J. A. Henckels

Type J. A. Henckels International Classic Chefs Knife offers sizes of 8 inches and 10 inches. It is made of high carbon steel. So, this knife can also be sharp and strong.

8. Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Wusthof as a quality premium knife is available in many sizes. Among them are 4.5 inches, 6 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches. The handle has been adjusted to the length of the blade so the control is more precise.

9. Victorinox fibrox Straight Edge

Victorinox fibrox Straight Edge

Victorinox Fibrox is suitable for those who are new to the chef world. We see from the price and quality, of course, this is made for those who are new. With prices that are rather cheap, of course the quality is not comparable to some of the knives we mentioned above.

10. 8-Inch Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef's Knife

Maybe Zeliti infinity is the coolest knife among the other blades in its class. Seeing its unique physique, it seems to be designed for various uses by chefs in restaurants.

Extraordinary! This knife is made from 67 layers of high carbon steel. It is ensured that zelite infinity is very sturdy in various tasks and is able to cut anything. Using this knife, cutting meat and vegetables is no longer a problem. Everything will be easily broken and finished.