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Tips to Stimulate Baby Brain Power

Tips to Stimulate Baby Brain power

I will show you here about Tips to Stimulate Baby Brain Power. Having a smart kid and has an improvement in one area certainly makes you very proud. Although many parents believe that the talent possessed by the child is inherited from their fathers, these capabilities will be optimal if you can support your children since an early age. In the newborn consists of 100 billion cells are connected, the cell will remain connected until your child is three years old.

In fact, studies have found that the gestational age of 6 months, the ability of the baby’s brain 75% of the adult brain and enter the gestation of 8 months have the capacity to respond to events around it. So at the age of 0 to 3 years, so it needs some support to optimize the brain’s ability baby. To maximize the ability of your child can be done by developing the intelligence of the mind of a full range of support since the baby.

One you can do to regulate the nutritional needs and of course the nutrients that can support the development of the brain such as omega 3 in addition to the various activities in the form of communication you do on the baby later, touch, sight and movement of light as the arms will help your child in stimulating the ability of the brain.

Tips to Stimulate Baby Brain Power

Here are ten tips to stimulate the baby’s brain ability you can do early on:

1. Conduct a relaxing massage on your baby, some studies have found by doing a leisurely massage on the baby will stimulate the baby’s brain nerve cells connect to each other, so the ability of your baby’s brain would be optimal.

2. You can help your child to perform moderate exercise (especially infants) by way of moving the baby’s hand and then crossed to the front of the chest four times followed by moving the legs as if pedaling a bicycle as much as four times the count, did when you took your baby play.

3. You can stimulate your baby’s language skills with him to talk even if your baby does not know yet how this will help stimulate the baby’s brain abilities in speech patterns and conversation.

4. The baby does not fully understand what we are uttered when speaking to him, but you can stimulate your baby’s brainpower by using extreme intonation.

5. There are some of the tips to stimulate baby brain power. One of them by giving a particular musical stimulus one of which is classical music. Besides listening to music once in a while, you can sing a song to make a baby predict and remember it. Do it in a way repeatedly.

6. Choose some pictures that make it attractive, the initial introductory stage you should only give two interesting images with a contrasting color for ease of understanding him.

7. Change the position of your baby for 30 minutes so that your baby can look around once in a while you can make your baby’s position to stand up, back and stomach. Lap in your arms by shaking legs occasionally to stimulate movement.

8. At the age of your baby is entering three months you can ask him to introduce the beauty of nature, you can stimulate the brain’s ability to living beings who sees.

9. Hug your baby is one of the tips to stimulate baby brain power in introduce a sense of love and compassion can be taught since your baby was born.

10. Introduce your baby to other children, your baby will soon introduce a way to interact with relatives, neighbors and peers baby will help in the adjustment in their development.


Those are some simple tips to stimulate your baby brain power. Do it gently and continuously so that your baby can grow smart.