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Reasons you Need to Buy the Best Pre-filled Cartridges

Pre-filled cartridges are the go-to vaping tools for many THC vape juice users. The good thing about them is that they are becoming popular. Therefore, finding the right match for your need can be easy.

Despite being in a flooded market, pre-filled vape cartridges come with various benefits. If you want reasons to buy these pre-filled ones instead of buying empty ones, here is a descriptive article telling you why should start purchasing pre-filled cartridges.

What are pre-filled cartridges, primarily?

For beginners, they may want to understand what these cartridges are all about. The best vape pens you will find in the market have two main parts.

1. Cartridge

The cartridge is the tank in which the THC vape juice or the distillate is located.

2. Battery

The battery is the lower part of the vape pen. It consists of a battery, may be lithium, which releases the energy needed to heat the distillate within the cartridge.

A pre-filled cartridge is one that you purchase from a retailer. You do not have to prepare any oils, but you can refill it once all you vape all the THC vape juice in it. When purchasing a pre-filled cartridge, expect to receive a separate cartridge and battery. Alternatively, there are other versions, which have the two components intact. As in, you cannot separate the two.

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Can you refill a pre-filled cartridge?

Most vapers raise this concern when shopping for the best cartridge. However, there is no definite answer, since it can be both yes and no.

Some cartridges have a removable mouthpiece. For some, you can open the mouthpiece and add your THC e-liquid, whereas others may not have this functionality on them.


If it does not have a mouthpiece, you can never add anything including any terpene diluent. We refer to these types of cartridges as disposable. They can be wasteful; however, they are crucial for some vapers.

On the other hand, even though you can reuse these cartridges, beware of one thing. You can destroy personalized flavors if you refill it severally. The residues from previous fillings that remain inside can ruin your vaping experience.

It is, consequently, vital that you limit the number of times you refill it.

Can you personalize pre-filled cartridges?

As long as the mouthpiece is removable, personalizing your vape juice is possible. Try out as many flavors as you would want.

Remember, by the time cannabis becomes a distillate, there are few terpenes inside it. Thus, you could use the help of a terpene thickener or diluent depending on the e-liquid’s viscosity.

On the other hand, before you purchase any pre-filled vape cartridges, read the labels first. Note the amount of THC available so that you cannot miss the impact you require from the e-juice.

By the way, most retailers typically fill these cartridges with flavors. It, therefore, allows the user to choose the most preferred tastes for their needs.

Who is the right person to use a pre-filled cartridge?

– Busy people

If you do not have time to prepare THC vape juice, then you may have to result to purchasing a sizeable tank.

– Vaping Beginners

Beginners may not have the right knowledge to make their THC vape juice at home. Additionally, getting the equipment to do so is very expensive. You can cancel out the hustle of preparing by buying a pre-filled cartridge of your choice.

– People who want to learn to vape right doses

The main benefit of vaping e-liquids is that you can measure doses. You will know what prescriptions bring the right impact in your brain. With edibles, it is almost impossible to do that. You can also purchase these pre-filled cartridges if you love to try out various flavors.

– Travelers

People who are always on the road would like to vape while on the way, especially if they are heading to a location where vaping is legal. In this case, you could buy a disposable vape pen, which you will throw away once you finish the oil in it.

– Discreet people

Some people would love to keep their weed using habits secret. A pre-filled cartridge can be the best solution for you since you can do it alone.

The vape juice contains typically flavors, which will make it appropriate when you want to vape in public. You will also avoid spreading pungent smells into the atmosphere, which makes people uncomfortable, especially if they are not users.

Final verdict

Even though buying pre-filled cartridges cost you some money, these tools are a considerable investment. You can use a single tank for a long time. One tank can last you longer, depending on the number of inhalations you take in a single day.

Besides that, to avoid getting low quality flavored THC e-liquids, avoid buying from retailers that you do not trust. Most people prevent pre-filled cartridges because they are not certain of the quality of THC vape juice they buy. If you want to avoid that, ask your friends to recommend you to the best sellers around your area.