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Top 10 Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Health benefits of mushrooms – Mushrooms are taste and incredible food, why? Because, although it belongs to the group of vegetables, the mushroom can give tremendous health benefits as are available in meat, grain, or the nuts.

Mushrooms are imperative for health. All kinds of mushrooms, such as portobello, shitake, up button mushrooms contain many essential nutrients and low in calories

Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious food with a variety of nutritional content and nutritional value. Mushrooms, partially can be eaten and contribute good nutrition for health.

This vegetable become a tasty meal in various restaurants in the world, and the world’s population recognize that mushrooms are delicious foods that not only provide the benefits of vegetables but also provides general nutrition as in animals, seeds and nuts.

Health Benefits of MushroomsMushrooms are the meat of the “vegetable world”, the round shape and diverse with a soft texture makes fungus often referred as meat from the vegetable.

Mushrooms can be found throughout the world because it is grown in the dark, or moisture and can even grow on rotting food.

Consuming mushrooms are healthy because it contains some nutrients that need by your body. Usually, mushrooms bring nutrients from the food where it is grown; then it provides a lot of nutrients from food.

Among the most minerals found in mushrooms are potassium, copper, selenium, phosphorus, and a bit of iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium.

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Other nutrients in mushrooms are fiber and protein that is included in essential nutrient in the diet. Mushrooms are healthy foods that are low in sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

Health Benefits of MushroomsThe Calories Content in Mushrooms

Mushrooms are most preferred food in the world, why do people like this food? Apparently the answer is because these foods do not contribute to increasing the weight, but provides a variety of nutrients for the body.

In 100 g of mushroom contains only 22 calories and three calories come from fat.

So, the food is very healthy to be eaten by anyone, either the thin or fat people.

Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

The amazing health benefits of mushrooms was able to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. Good or HDL cholesterol is beneficial to keep the heart and prevent high blood pressure.

Mushrooms are also a healthy food for diabetics. High-energy and low in fat makes the fungus as a healthy food for the balance of vitamins and minerals in the blood. It aims to regulate insulin properly.

Besides that, mushrooms contain iron, copper that good for preventing anemia because iron is useful for increasing red blood cell formation.

Copper is helpful in maintaining bone density that can prevent health problems relating to osteoporosis and arthritis. While selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant that works to keep nails, hair, and teeth healthy.

Another awesome health benefits of mushrooms are act as an antioxidant for protecting cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer.

The content of vitamins is also support for greatness health benefits of mushrooms to health, especially vitamin C, which enabled to boost immunity and vitamin D that rare vitamin found in vegetables. Vitamin D is helpful to improve calcium absorption and increases body’s metabolism.

The best Health Benefits of Mushrooms

10 Health Benefits of Mushrooms and Disadvantages

1. Sources of Vitamin D

Mushrooms is a healthy vegetable that gives you vitamin D, is equal to the human body itself that produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight in the morning. Button mushrooms can even provide vitamin D2 and D3. It is the tremendous benefits mushrooms.

2. Enhance immune

Furthermore, the health benefits of mushrooms are as natural ingredients to boost immunity by producing proteins and anti-virus, as well as beneficial to reconstruct the body tissues.

Mushrooms are also able to improve the health of dendritic cells in the bone marrow; it helps boost the immune system from microbial attack.

3. The source of antioxidants (selenium)

Mushrooms contain many antioxidants called selenium. This antioxidant beneficial to protect cells from disturbing of the virus.

4. Help you in weight loss

Consuming mushrooms have great benefits. Mushrooms can replace meat function. So, for those of you who are on a diet, you can replace meat with mushrooms. Mushrooms are good in changing body composition, especially waist circumference.

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5. Against Cancer

The health benefits of mushrooms to fight cancer. Mushrooms contain anti-oxidants that able to expel the seeds of cancer in the body. In fact, shitake mushrooms have beneficial to fight tumor cells.

Those are some health benefits of mushrooms. If you want to consume mushrooms, you should buy the mushrooms from trusted provider, because many mushrooms are not safe to eat, especially if you find mushrooms in the wild by yourself.

6. Mushroom benefits for men

For men, mushrooms are not only delicious vegetables, but mushrooms provide special benefits for men in increasing libido. Mushrooms are chewy and slightly runny, and the texture is slightly the same as meat.

When viewed from the nutritional content, mushrooms are vegetables that can excite men. To increase stamina and s3xual desire, you can consume mushrooms regularly.

7. Mushroom benefits for women

For women there are also benefits of consuming mushrooms. Mushrooms are antioxidant-rich foods that are good enough to prevent premature aging. There are two types of antioxidants that are high in mushrooms, these are ergothioneine and glutathione which are both very good at scavenging free radicals that can cause damage to cells.

In addition, mushrooms also contain vitamin B or riboflavin. This is a substance that can reduce the hard times when PMS. Recommendations for foods rich in riboflavin when entering PMS are very important to listen to because they can reduce pain and difficulties in women.

8. Lower blood cholesterol

Mushrooms in addition to being a healthy food for men and women, this white vegetable is also rich in other nutrients that are good for human health in general. The mushrooms are foods that can lower high cholesterol and are good for heart health.

Mushrooms contain beta glucan which is a soluble fiber in food and is reported to reduce blood cholesterol levels even in small amounts.

9. Maintain nerve health

The health benefits of mushrooms for nerves are due to the presence of copper and potassium. The content of these two types of minerals serves to nourish muscles and nerves in carrying out their functions.

10. Mushrooms lower diabetes risk

Mushrooms are high-fiber foods and we know that fiber is an important nutrient from food to slow down the process of digestion of food so that the sugar content of food is not metabolized quickly. This can keep the body from spikes in blood sugar.

In addition, fiber is also important for digestive health in preventing constipation. Consuming fiber-rich foods on a regular basis will provide convenience to the digestive tract. This will be a tool for removing waste from the body. The high fiber content will facilitate the movement of waste.

Disadvantages of Eating Mushroom

It turns out that eating mushrooms, which are rich in nutrients, also has side effects. We’ve rounded up some of the side effects of eating mushrooms from stylecraze. What are the effects, let’s see.

Mushrooms can cause fatigue, this is evident from some people who feel tired after consuming this delicious food. Maybe it happened because they consumed excessive amounts of mushrooms. So, to get the health benefits of mushrooms, you should eat only normal amounts.

In addition to causing fatigue, eating mushrooms sometimes also gives the effect of an upset stomach. Some people who eat mushrooms experience diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. The bad effects of eating mushrooms like this don’t seem to come from the mushrooms themselves, but the possibility of a person’s health condition being declining.

There are also those who experience a tingling sensation after about 30 minutes of eating mushrooms. This tingling effect occurs in tandem with the temporary pleasure effect.

That’s some of the side effects of eating mushrooms. The point is you can eat mushrooms but still pay attention to the portion and your health. If you are not sure about the effects that will occur, then consult a doctor before eating mushrooms.

Mushroom Varieties

Mushrooms have many varieties, but only a few are very well known. We have presented an article about the benefits of mushrooms for general health in all types of mushrooms. If you want to see some types of mushrooms more specifically, you can go to some of the articles below.


Chaga mushrooms are commonly used as tea and have many health benefits. Among the benefits of this mushroom tea is to slow down aging, lower cholesterol levels, as a healthy drink to prevent diabetes and good for immunity.

Chaga mushroom or chaga mushroom tea is a healthy drink that is low in calories, so some dieters to lose weight make chaga mushrooms as their food.

2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom also includes mushrooms that are expensive and have many health benefits. Even in well-known restaurants, this type of mushroom is a delicious dish that is not cheap.

Among the benefits of mane mushrooms are improving cognitive function, good for immunity, and also beneficial for general brain health.

3. Oyster Mushrooms

This is a mushroom that at first glance is similar to the oyster so that it is called by that name. Oyster Mushrooms are mushrooms that are rich in antioxidants and are known to be beneficial in fighting cancer, tumors, and anemia.

The benefits of this mushroom are also good for the liver, but consuming mushrooms is still limited or in normal portions (not excessive).

Those are just the three varieties of mushrooms we mentioned, and there are many more and we’ll add to our list every time we update about mushrooms. Hopefully this article about the health benefits of mushrooms is useful and can add to our knowledge about mushrooms.