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Hard Boiled Eggs in the Microwave

Hard boiled eggs in the microwave can be a solution to get a hard egg texture and easy to remove from the shell. If you use the stove to boil eggs with the ideal texture and hardness, it will be difficult. sometimes you get the texture and sometimes you can miss it.

Many housewives when boiling eggs on the stove, they have to struggle to get the eggs out of the shell properly. We want the eggs to be easy to remove from the shell, easy to peel, and the texture is perfect as expected.

Now, since it’s hard to use a stove, what about a microwave? Can you boil eggs in the microwave? Yes, you can, and here we’re going to show you how to hard-boil an egg with an easy-to-peel shell in the microwave.

Are you looking for a solution for the perfect hard-boiled egg that’s easy to microwave on the internet? sometimes you find the right way and sometimes you can find the wrong way without the experience of the author so you don’t manage to get the perfect boiled egg texture. Here we will review at length about how to hard boiled eggs in the microwave.

How to boil eggs that we provide can really work properly and you can be successful with your boiled eggs. So, pay close attention and read to the end.

Hard boiled eggs in the microwave sometimes also give a lot of errors so that you find your eggs explode and crack before they are cooked. So, pay attention and follow our experienced guide in this matter.

Using a microwave for hard boiled eggs is not only easy, but also does not cause the microwave to get dirty and must be cleaned.

Here is Hard Boiled Eggs in the Microwave

Hard Boiled Eggs in Microwave Oven

To prevent your boiled eggs from exploding in the microwave, there are two methods you can do. One of them is to put salt in the water when boiling the eggs, or the second way is to make holes in the eggs, of course this is rather difficult.

So, the way to hard boiled eggs in the microwave for encouraging results and not breaking your eggs is to use a little salt in the egg boiled water. So, a very easy thing is to add salt. We also don’t recommend you to punch holes in the eggs, this will make your work messy if not done by an expert.

So, now that we think about it, microwaving eggs is very easy by adding a little salt in the boiling water.

Take a bowl that is safe to place in the microwave. Put the eggs in a bowl, cover the eggs with hot water. Try to cover the entire egg (about half an inch above the egg). It is important that your eggs are completely covered with water.

How much salt is added?

If you use this method, you have to know how much salt needs to be added so that the hard boiled eggs can be completely safe without explosion.

Notice, for every egg you add in a bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

If you miss this, then you will experience an explosion on your egg.

Boiling eggs with the microwave can be for all types of boiled eggs you want. Sometimes some want the hard-boiled eggs to be perfectly cooked, sometimes they want the yolks to be runny, and so on.

If you want soft boiled eggs, with a runny part of the yolk, then remove the boiled eggs from the hot water, remove them immediately after boiling.

How long will it take you to boil?

Note this, if you boil two eggs in the microwave then it will take 4 minutes. For 4 eggs you need 5 minutes, and to boil 6 eggs, you need 6 minutes.

– To get soft boiled eggs with runny yolks, remove them from the microwave as soon as they are cooked and immediately place them in ice water.

– For medium-boiled eggs, once cooked, remove them from the microwave and leave them in hot water for 1 minute. Then put in ice water.

– To get hard boiled eggs with the perfect density level, then once cooked remove from the microwave and leave in hot water for two or three minutes.

So, if you’re asking, can you microwave hard-boiled eggs? The answer is “yes you can”, but you have to know how. We have explained to you the procedure for hard boiled eggs in a microave and we hope you can try it and be successful.

How to Peel Eggs?

Once the eggs are cooked the way you want them, you can peel the shells off. But not immediately after you remove it from the microwave, but after your eggs have cooled.

If we let the eggs cool, the shells will peel off easily. When you want to peel, you can crack the part of the egg at the end and this will make it easier for you to peel the whole shell.

If after it has cooled and you are still having trouble peeling the shells of your boiled eggs, this means that there was an error in the preparation of boiling, it is possible that the boiled eggs were not prepared properly or not cooked according to the size of each time.

Indeed, boiling eggs is a simple matter, but quite a lot of people fail to get the egg texture they want. Easy yet thrilling!

So, the most likely cause of your failure to get hard boiled eggs in the microwave is not following the instructions carefully. It could also be because you are not using the right amount of salt, or using the wrong type of salt. The best salt is iodized salt.

One of the most common problems is that the eggs explode, and this happens because you don’t add salt to the boiling water.

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Can I Make Hard Boiled Eggs in the Microwave in Large Amount?

You can cook eggs at once, and of course this will increase your cooking time as we have provided above.

However, we don’t recommend cooking too many eggs in the microwave at once.

But what you have to pay attention to is to use a suitable one that all parts of the egg must be submerged in water. Also use salt as we have suggested above. The more eggs, of course you add more salt.