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How to Find a Health-Conscious Marijuana Dispensary

With over half the United States and all of Canada legalizing cannabis for at least medicinal purposes, there has been a massive increase in people curious about marijuana. In particular, the medicinal benefits of CBD marijuana have become popular among many health-conscious people who prefer natural treatments to pharmaceutical synthetics.

But the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana can make it hard to find a dispensary that supports your health goals. Residents of states with minimal options are basically stuck with having to go to whatever dispensary is closest to them. On the other hand, residents of states that have a larger selection of dispensaries will need to find a dispensary that fulfills their needs. The following are some factors to think about when choosing a dispensary that is health-conscious.

How Many Different Types Bud Are There to Choose From?

The best dispensaries tend to have a wide selection of products for you to pick from. They should have no limitations on the types of strains available, meaning that you should be able to pick from Indica, Sativa and at least a couple of hybrids that are a mixture of the two strains. In addition to traditional buds, a good dispensary will have some concentrates to choose from like shatter or hash as well as balms, patches, and edibles for health-conscious patients who don’t want to smoke their cannabis.

Good dispensaries should not only have a large selection of THC heavy products, but they should carry a large selection of CBD products for medical patients. CBD is typically what is most helpful to people with legitimate health issues.

Another thing to look for is whether or not you can order weed online from a dispensary. Some US states and Canada will allow you to order your pot so that it can be delivered. This is helpful if you live in the state or province but are not able to visit the dispensary in person, such as if you have an ailment that limits your mobility.

How Knowledgeable Are the Budtenders?

This is just as important as having a large selection to choose from. A good budtender will be able to educate patients on the differences between the strains and the ways they will affect you. A good budtender should be able to recommend a strain that will help you with any ailments you may have as well as inform you of any other products like balms, extracts or tinctures and their effects.

Furthermore, a good budtender will be compassionate concerning your health issues and will take an active interest in helping you feel better. Beware of a budtender who seems to push you towards buying the most expensive products and accessories—they may be working on commission and might not have your best interests at heart.

Look Online at Reviews

You should always look at any reviews posted online about a dispensary. If all the reviews are 5-star ratings, but they don’t really get into any detail about why they earned this rating, then it is possible that someone was paid to write a positive review. It is much more telling if a review is negative because the reviewer feels that the prices aren’t good because they can find the same strains across town for a lower price.

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Another thing to look for are any common themes in the reviews like poor customer service or not having a good enough selection. If there is a common theme to reviews, then there probably is some truth to what is being said.

Picking the right dispensary in support of your healthy lifestyle is important. Making sure a dispensary has a good selection, budtenders who know their pot, and genuinely good reviews are signs that the dispensary you’ve found will be of benefit to you. Ultimately, the best advice is to check the place out yourself, and if the experience is positive, you have found the right place.