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How To Cook White Sweet Potatoes – Here is a Tasty Recipes

Potatoes are a versatile food, there are many things you can do with potatoes. Potatoes are very good as a basis for various dishes. Here we will share delicious recipes on how to cook  sweet white potatoes.

Potatoes are not expensive vegetables, the price is very cheap and easy to obtain. So you have to know how to cook tasty and easy potatoes.

Potatoes are a vegetable tuber that consists of many types. However, what are the types you can make a lot of cooking with it. But this time, we will see how to cook white sweet potatoes.

Basically, all potatoes are the same and very easy to prepare and cook for a variety of offerings.

White potatoes are a type that is often overlooked, but with a little effort you can turn them into delicious foods that are more expensive and suitable to be used as a snack business.

What Are White Sweet Potatoes?

What is white sweet potatoes? Do you often hear it? If not, this can be understood because white sweet potatoes are not as common as other types of sweet potatoes.

The potatoes have a less crisp and less sweet taste when compared to the yellow variants. So, it is very suitable if we process white sweet potatoes into delicious and delicious food. By using several ingredients, we can turn white sweet potatoes into more delicious food.

We can add a little sweetness without dominating the dish. This is something you don’t do well with orange sweet potatoes.

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What Color Are Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes, actually have a variety of colors, not only white or orange, but there are many other colors available and you can try. Among them are red, brown, yellow and others. In fact, there are also variants that are purple.

Types of sweet potatoes that are very easy to find and many in cultivation are types of orange sweet potatoes with a sweet and crispy taste. Where is the difference between yams and white sweet potatoes? Actually, the difference between the two is very striking. The irregular sweet potato tends to be labeled with “yams”, this is what distinguishes it from white sweet potatoes.

Ok, we need to know that sweet potatoes are very different types of vegetables. Yams is a vegetable that is very different from other vegetables in general.

The Nutrition White Sweet Potatoes

White Sweet Potatoes are sweet potato with high fiber content, very good for digestion. Besides fiber, there are many other nutritional values ​​that help health and support the body to stay healthy.

It’s a type of sweet potato that is rich in antioxidants which is great for high blood pressure. In addition, this type of potato is also low in terms of carbohydrates so that it can prevent a rise in blood sugar quickly, this indicates that this food is good for diabetics.

White sweet potatoes also contain high vitamin A and vitamin C, both of which are very important for a balanced diet. Aside from this, there are many more benefits and advantages of white potatoes and may not be explained in this short article.

White sweet potatoes are actually almost the same as other types of potatoes, it’s just different, white type is less sweet when compared to orange sweet potatoes (has a sweeter taste). If the nutrients, both are the same, they are rich in antioxidants but taste different.

White Sweet Potato Skin vs. No Skin

White sweet potatoes skinned vs. without skin. Actually there are differences of opinion, some people prefer to peel the skin first, then roast it. However, there are also those who say that sweet potatoes do not need to be removed from the skin, because more nutrients to the skin and releasing the skin of sweet potatoes is foolish. What exactly is on the skin of sweet potatoes so that it is better than skinless?

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After we checked about this, we found some facts on white sweet potatoes with skin and skin peeled.

In general, sweet potato skin is full of nutrients and this is very bad to miss, sweet potato skins are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, all of which are very good for a balanced diet and nutrition. If you peel the skin, you have made white sweet potatoes less useful for you.

However, if you do not peel, you must wash it thoroughly, do not leave any dirt on the skin. This is where differences of opinion occur, so some say the skin must be removed or peeled. Though there is no problem at all, because you have to wash it first. So, if this is the case, there is nothing to do with the skin of sweet potatoes, which is not true is the person who prepares sweet potatoes, he should clean the skin of sweet potatoes clean.

Best White Sweet Potato Recipes

After we get to know more about sweet potatoes, getting to know their nutrients and the comparison between removing skin with those that don’t. Now we want to get to the point of our discussion of a delicious white sweet potato recipe. This is a delicious way to enjoy sweet potatoes, for those of you who don’t like this tuber, try to prepare this food with this recipe, guaranteed you will like to consume sweet potatoes.

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White Sweet Potatoes with Mirin and Honey Recipe

Sweet potato served with mirin and honey is an extraordinary side dish that can be served along with other main foods such as turkey meat or other dishes. It can also be served as an appetizer or as a dessert.

For those of you who are not too fond of foods that are too sweet, then sweet potato wrapped in mirin and honey is perfect for you.

  • 2 pounds of white sweet potatoes,
  • Mirin as much as half a cup or other wine
  • 2 tablespoons of honey,
  • 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar,
  • Salt as much as 1/2 tablespoon
  • 2 teaspoons of corn oil or some equivalent substitute,
  • 2 tablespoons of butter, and
  • Sea Salt (optional)

Recipe Instructions

  1. First, heat the pan in the oven, set the temperature to 450 degrees
  2. Now, try microwaving the potatoes on high for 5 minutes.
  3. Then, mix honey, mirin, vinegar, and salt in one container.
  4. Peel the potatoes and cut them in rounds, (we recommend you to use one of these Best French Fry Cutters), preferably no more than 1 inch thick. Put the potatoes in the mixture that you have made. Let stand until all the potatoes are coated.
  5. Take a frying pan and pour oil
  6. Roast potatoes for 15 or 20 minutes until they are caramelized. Then turn it over so that everything is cooked evenly and softly.
  7. Transfer to a plate, and scrape off the chocolate
  8. Add melted butter, sauce, and salt as a seasoning.
  9. Done, and enjoy the white sweet potato wrapped in mirin and honey.

Thus the recipe of sweet potatoes with mirin and honey, please you experiment with various other ingredients.