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Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

The Chocolate Milkshake recipe is a rich and creamy chocolate recipe, making it only requires 3 ingredients. We make this chocolate shake using ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk. Here we show you an easy and simple chocolate shake recipe. In just a few minutes you can enjoy Chocolate Milkshake.

Here we also accompany this recipe with pictures so that it is easy to understand.

What is Chocolate Milkshake?

Before we show you our recipe, let’s look at the definition of Chocolate Milkshake first. Chocolate Milkshake is a super rich, creamy, creamy and easy to make drink. It is usually prepared with full fat milk, and generous amounts of cream and cocoa powder for a delicious taste.

Chocolate Milkshake is a popular drink in the world, and a favorite drink of many people in fast food restaurants. But now you don’t need to go to a restaurant to just enjoy this drink. Just take a look at our guide and please try it at home.


To be able to present a glass of Chocolate Milkshake, you are not difficult to find the ingredients. In fact, we will also provide replacements here if you do not find the main ingredients or ingredients like the ones we use in our recipes.

1. Milk – To give the Chocolate Milkshake thick and soft, we have used whole milk. For those of you who do not get whole milk, you can replace it with non-fat milk, vegan milk or use low-fat milk.

2. Chocolate syrup – The use of chocolate syrup will give a whole chocolate flavor to the Chocolate Milkshake drink. If you think chocolate syrup is very sweet, then you can replace it with cocoa powder, or with dark chocolate.

3. Vanilla Ice Cream – This is the basic ice cream that is widely used in making various shakes. As a substitute you can use chocolate ice cream.

How to Make Chocolate Milkshakes

How to Make Chocolate Milkshakes?

Now that we know the ingredients used, now we see the step by step instructions for making Chocolate Milkshake. We also accompany pictures for you to make it easier for you to follow our instructions.

  1. Add ingredients such as cold milk, sugar syrup, vanilla ice cream, into a blender.
  2. Then close the blender jar and blend everything until smooth and creamy.
  3. When everything is soft, remove from the blender and pour the Chocolate Milkshake into a serving glass, sprinkled on top with whipped cream.
  4. You can also add chocolate syrup to a serving glass, then pour the shake into the glass, this will give a luxurious, gourmet look.


What we share is a basic recipe for making Chocolate Milkshakes, but you can be creative by adding a few other ingredients to add variety to your shake. We have prepared several choices of variations for your shake drink. These are the ingredients you can add.

– Banana. Adding bananas in a shake is to give your shake a rich flavor.

– Peanut Butter. Do you like peanut butter, if you like, this ingredient can be added as a flavor enhancer for your shake, just add a spoonful of other than peanuts in your shake.

– Nuts. Nuts can also be a separate addition to a variation of the Chocolate Milkshake drink.

– Oreo biscuit. Adding Oreo is also a way to add variety to your shake. You can crush some Oreo and add them to your shake, this will add crunch and variety.

– For Healthy Protein Shake. If you want rich protein, then your Chocolate Milkshake must be added with protein powder and no longer need to use chocolate syrup.


A few substitute ingredients that might work on your chocolate shake.

For Chocolate Syrup – You can substitute with Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, or Dark Chocolate

Instead Full Fat Milk – you can replace it with No fat milk or non-diary coffee creamer powder

For Ice Cream Replace with Ice cubes

Sugar – Sugar can be replaced with a more healthy sweetener, namely Brown Sugar or Coconut Sugar.

Tips for Making Chocolate Milkshakes

Follow these tips so that the results of your Chocolate Milkshakes are similar to the ones we made in the recipe.

– For viscosity. We add whole milk to get the consistency, and we add 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and this makes the Milkshakes thick and creamy.

– Chocolate or cocoa powder. We use chocolate syrup to give the chocolate flavor. However, you can also add cocoa powder, or cocoa powder, or use grated dark chocolate, the result will be similar to using chocolate syrup.

– Another variation. For some variations of Chocolate Milkshakes, you can add coarsely crushed Oreos, or add bananas, or peanut butter.

– Whipping Cream. For a more luxurious and delicious, add whipped cream as you wish.

Benefits of Chocolate Milkshake

Indeed, we admit that the Chocolate Milkshake drink is rich in sugar, but it still contains several nutrients that can provide health benefits to those who drink it. So, the use of milk and milk ice cream in the recipe is a drink that is rich in nutrition and protein.

But for those who want to get benefits like what we released, you have to skip ingredients such as ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipping cream. Without using these ingredients, you can get health benefits such as:

  • Good for your bone health
  • Help recover from training injuries


Our Chocolate Milkshake drink contains 490 cal per serving, and this is a nutritional calculator estimate only. Nutrient values ​​can change according to the ingredients and the amount of ingredients you use. You can also find value information for the Chocolate Milkshake in the recipe card section below.

Storage Suggestions

Although this can be stored but you suggest that the drink is finished immediately. But if you can’t finish it, you can still store it in the refrigerator for one day.

Serving Suggestions

The way to serve Chocolate Milkshake is with whipped cream, using chocolate shavings as a topping, using cherries and syrup.


Nutritional value for one serving

Calories: 490, Total Fat: 23g, Trans Fat: 0g, Saturated Fat: 14g, Unsaturated Fat: 7g, Cholesterol: 85mg, Carbohydrates: 62g, Sodium: 194mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 53g, Protein: 10g

Disclaimer: These nutritional values are estimates only based on a nutritional calculator. So, this is only provided as information only and not to be used as a substitute for advice from professionals.