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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries, Is it Healthy for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Cranberries – Maybe you often hear strawberries, raspberries and not so familiar with Cranberries. However, the fruits of this ‘berry’ family provide many benefits and solutions especially for those who have problems with bladder infections. Well, what about dogs? Can dogs also consume Cranberries or not?

Can Dogs Eat Cranberries ?

Good news that your beloved dog can eat Cranberries safely? But before you give this fruit to the dog, read first why Cranberries are good for dogs.

Why Are Cranberries Fruit Good For Dogs ?

Not no reason, consuming Cranberries is good for health like restoring a bladder infection in dogs, treating ulcers and others. Here we see more detail!

– Treating a dog’s bladder infection, these benefits are just like the benefits gained by humans who consume this fruit.

– However, if your dog is experiencing this problem, to get the best care you should take your dog to a certified professional. Do not rely on Cranberries, this fruit only as a supporter in restoring it health.

– Cranberries are capable of treating gastritis in humans or dogs

– The best source of vitamin A, B1, B2, and vitamin C, as well as the best mineral resources such as manganese.

– Rich in antioxidants that are useful to fight the formation of cancer cells and boost your dog’s immune system.

– Cranberries contain phytochemicals that are useful to fight aging, but it is useful for maintaining healthy memory and keep the body fit.

– A good source of fiber for dogs makes it easier for them to defecate

– Increase the level of good cholesterol in dogs, also lowers bad cholesterol

– Good for eye health by improving eyesight

– Protect the dog’s teeth from damage, because the Cranberries fruit can remove the plaque formed

– Keeping the dog body system healthy, good for the heart and keep blood vessels work properly. Another benefit is keeping blood pressure stay normal.

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How Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

# 1. Cranberry Juice

What a lot of dog owners do is give cranberry juice to their dogs. If you buy juice in the pack, pay attention to the label, do not give cranberry juice that contains lots of sugar.

Giving foods high in sugar is very fatal for dogs, just like giving almond milk to dogs, avoid sweet or sweeteners.

# 2. Gives fresh cranberries

In addition to cranberry juice, you can also provide fresh cranberries. But some dogs do not like to eat fresh cranberries and some even cause abdominal pain.

# 3. Cranberry powder

Another way to give cranberries as dog food is provide cranberry powder. It’s very easy to serve, you simply sprinkle cranberry powder on dog food.

# 4. Cranberry Tablets

Now also available cranberry tablets as dog food. However, before giving this tablet you should consult a veterinarian.

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Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

Do you want to give dry cranberries to the dog? Some dog owners want to give it, as some people like eat dried cranberries.

Indeed, consuming dried cranberries gives its own experience and mostly done by the world’s population. But is this also suitable for dogs?

If you want to give the dried fruit, undo your intention. Dry Cranberry is something you never want to give to a dog. It contains lots of sugar, preservatives and not good for dogs.

Giving dry cranberries to dogs can cause diarrhea and stomach upset. So, you should not do this to this animal.

How Much The Dogs Can Eat Cranberries?

Fruits are not dog-specific foods, so giving cranberries in large quantities is not the best option. You should restrict the giving of fruits to dogs.

Feeding dogs with large amounts of cranberries can cause digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. So, watch how your dog is eating and whether he is showing strange symptoms or not.

Dogs should be given special dog food to meet their nutritional needs. So, giving fruit like cranberries only as a side food and in a little amount.

A Note about Cranberries and Dogs Urinary Tract Infections

Do you suspect that cranberries can cure dogs with urinary tract infections? If so, you need to know that it is not true.

So if your beloved dog is suffering from health problems as above, all you have to do is visit an expert, this is a veterinarian. Instead of giving fruit cranberries directly without having complete knowledge.

Maybe cranberries are good for human health and can help cure urinary infections in humans. But, it is different to dogs, because their digestion is not complete like human. So do not assume that good food for humans is also good for animals.

The proper step is to consult a vet when you want to give something new to the dog. It aims to keep your dog healthy in the future.