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Top 6 Calcium Supplement Side Effects

Are you lack of calcium? You should add a portion of calcium foods such as milk and others. Avoid taking calcium supplements because in the know to have a number of side effects for health. Experts have warned this, especially if it is consumed daily.

Before we discuss at length about the side effects of calcium supplements, let us know the supplement. calcium supplement widely used by various circles. Athletes also often consume these supplements to gain stamina and stay fit during exercise. A doctor from Fortis Hospital, Mumbai India, said that calcium supplements should be consumed appropriately or must coincide with certain medications. If not done properly, calcium supplements can provide one of the following six side effects.

Calcium Supplement Side Effects

1. Causes constipation

Doctors have observed that those taking calcium supplements tend to have constipation, doctors from India say. Not only constipation that you experience, but also often cause irritation to the stomach, flatulence. If you are taking this supplement, stay away from and avoid antacids. Both of these drugs can not be in combination. Then the time of the draft must be spaced.

2. Reduce efficiency of certain drugs

If you are taking certain medications then you should not take calcium supplements. So, not only antacids you should avoid when taking calcium supplements but also other inappropriate medications such as iron supplements.

Dr Shah from India says that if you consume both types of supplements (iron and calcium supplements) then this is a waste. You will not benefit from what you do. The calcium supplements you drink will be in vain.

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Solution: If you want to consume both types of supplements, then do it separately so you get the benefits of the drug. If you take calcium supplements in the morning, then take iron supplements at night. At least you give the time span for 3 to 4 hours.

Note: If you suffer from heart disease, then avoid taking calcium supplements. The supplement calcium side effects is to increase the risk of heart attack in elderly women.

3. Kidney stone formation

Taking calcium supplements with excessive doses every day (normal dose 1000-1300 mg per day), then you are at risk of kidney stones. So, kidney stones can be formed not only by mistake in taking supplements, but also because of excess vitamin C, less water content and consume lots of salty foods.

4. Causes Muscle Cramps

Other calcium supplement side effects are causing muscle cramps. This problem often occurs in those who consume calcium supplements regularly, especially the elderly, because the muscles begin to collect the calcium.

If you begin to feel the side effects of calcium supplements such as cramps, and pain in the joints, then stop immediately and stay away from calcium supplements.

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5. Vitamin D poisoning

If you consume vitamin D and take calcium supplements separately, then you have potential for vitamin D toxicity. The normal amount of vitamin D in the body is 30-70 ng / ml. So, if your vitamin D amount rises above 100 ng / ml, then you are vitamin D poisoning. This problem is caused by the accumulation of calcium in the blood.

Symptoms of vitamin D poisoning are nausea, frequent urination, weakness, and loss of appetite. If not treated in the long term, then it causes kidney problems.

6. Irritability

In addition to the above side effects, taking calcium supplements can also cause irritability. If the patient experiences this, he will complain because he feels depressed and confused.

That’s some of the calcium supplement side effects if not consumed properly. For that, if you are taking these supplements, then do not combine with other drugs.