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Buying CBD at Bulk Prices Online Isn’t As Hard As You Think

The popularity of CBD has tripled in the past few years, which implies that there are lots of entrepreneurs trying to cash in on the opportunity. While some of them have good intentions, others are after quick bucks. And that’s why there are a lot of inconsistencies in the quality of CBD products being sold online. In fact, according to Beth Mole, Ars Technica’s health reporter, 70% of online CBD extracts are mislabeled.

Although the above statistic might shock you, it is worth mentioning that there are many CBD wholesalers who are trustworthy and reliable. So, how can you differentiate between a CBD wholesaler whom you can rely on and one that’s trying to take advantage of the booming and largely unregulated market? And how can you effectively buy CBD at wholesale prices online?

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Well, with the right strategy, buying CBD at bulk prices online isn’t as hard as you think. To make your bulk CBD buying experience smoother, here’s a quick guide that you can always leverage:

1. Choosing A Reliable Wholesaler

There are certain facts and processes that a reliable CBD wholesaler should guarantee before you buy CBD in bulk from them, including:

  • The hemp should be grown organically on a reputable farm
  • The extraction should be a CO2 process to ensure that the final product is of the best purity.
  • The wholesale should provide test results from a reputable third-party lab. According to the quality assurance department of the IHF LLC bulk CBD, this is one of the best ways of ensuing that the CBD ingredients match label contents and meet government regulations.
  • The wholesaler should sincere about what CBD can do and should provide resourceful information about their products
  • The customer service of the company should be top-notch

2. Payment Processors

Due to CBD’s association with marijuana, most payment processors are not ready to help businesses trying to sell or buy CBD, especially in bulk. In fact, many banks classify CBD dealers as “high risk” merchants. Accordingly, they are often slapped with higher transaction rates and less flexible payment options. Even worse, their accounts can get closed for minor infractions that wouldn’t impact normal customers.

So, the first thing you should figure out before you opt to buy CBD in bulk is to set up the right merchant account. To ensure that you are successful, you need to have your paperwork in order. Ensuring that your licenses, taxes, and financial statements are up-to-date is critical because as a high-risk merchant, your books are meticulously scrutinized than your low-risk counterparts.

One of the best ways of tightening things up is to synchronize your accounts, CBD inventory, and invoicing so that you don’t miss out on anything. Additionally, exploring multiple high-risk merchant accounts is critical because some providers tend to offer more customized offers than others.

There are also CBD wholesalers that provide specialized payment processing for buyers, but is it advisable to get a feel of what’s available before signing any contract—even if it appears to be the best deal in the market.

Put simply, with some background research, you will be in a better position to solidify your payment processing options, which is often one the biggest hurdles facing wholesale CBD buyers.

3. How To Order

How do your order for CBD at bulk prices online? Easy! To begin with, fill out the form that the wholesaler has provided on their website. Strive to ask for clarification on things that may not be clear to you. Best wholesalers have live chats where you can get helpful answers and advice.

In case the wholesaler doesn’t have a live chat, they will contact you later with details of the packages they have on offer and their pricing points. You will then choose the CBD products that you are interested in.

You need to think hard at this stage because you will be buying in bulk. After choosing your products of choice and quantity, and completing the checkout process, your bulk CBD will be on its way to you. Delivery can take between 3 and 7 days depending on the wholesaler.


As you can see, buying CBD at bulk prices online is not that complex. So, start preparing for your bulk order today and reap the benefits of this booming industry. To avoid issues of delayed orders, missing products, and unresponsive customer service, choose a CBD wholesaler with a level of service that will leave you feeling confident.