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7 Best Way to Prevent Breast Cancer

Here we will talk about the Best way to prevent breast cancer. The list deadly disease and deeply feared. However, if the disease gets attention from the beginning, then breast cancer will be preventable. In this post we will provide some ways of prevention against this disease.

For those of you who pay attention to this issue, you should read this article completely and share to the mothers so that they are more careful and alert to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the cancer that kills most people around the world so it is very scary. Indeed, this disease can be treated but through a difficult process. Among the treatments that are often taken are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Because its very difficult and expensive, so important for us to take preventive measures early on. Here we will provide tips and best ways to prevent breast cancer.

Best Way to Prevent Breast Cancer

1. Perform routine checks

Self-examination of cancer is important at least once a year. So you can be sure to be free from this disease. Early examination is important to avoid panic so that whatever you experience can be overcome quickly.

2. Knowledge of breast cancer

Breast cancer can actually be cured, but should be diagnosed at an early stage. Learn the correct steps when you check. The knowledge of cancer that described by the doctor can be a reference for you in the future.

So, if there are symptoms and signs, you can immediately take the right steps.

3. Food habits

Furthermore, the best way to prevent breast cancer is to pay attention to your food. Pay attention to the food habits you eat. Unhealthy foods such as junk food become one of the triggers of cancer. Avoid fast food and switch to healthy fruits such as vegetables and fruits.

Foods rich in antioxidants are the best choice for maintaining health from cancer including breast cancer.

4. Exercise regularly

If you are diligent in exercise, then invite your mother and other women to participate. Exercise is an important activity for maintaining health such as losing weight, this is a risk factor for cancer.

So, be diligent exercise in the morning or in the afternoon to keep the body fit and fresh.

5. Pay attention to family health history

Watch your family, whether or not they have breast cancer. However, you do not need to panic, just check regularly on the doctor and run a healthy lifestyle in the family.

6. Attend Awareness Classes

Now there are many training and awareness campaigns against breast cancer. Do not forget to involve yourself in an event like this to increase your insight into breast cancer.

So, this is one of the tips on prevention of breast cancer.

7. Limit hormone therapy

Many women who undergo hormone therapy after the menopause, but this is less good for health. Be careful what you do. Please follow the instructions of the specialist in this therapy. In hormone therapy, unwanted hormone exposure will become a breast cancer cause.

So, limiting hormone therapy is one of the best way to prevent breast cancer.

8. Educate Her

If the woman you care about like your mother has no knowledge of breast cancer, then take your time to educate them to know a lot about everything related to breast cancer.

If you can make a presentation with power point, do it for them, this will give them plenty of knowledge.

That’s some tips and best way to prevent breast cancer that you can do from now. Love a woman who loves you, love your mother. Let’s live healthy free of breast cancer.