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Best Ways to Control Claustrophobia

Best way to control claustrophobia – Fear is normal and experienced by everyone. Even, one important part of the development of human civilization. However, when a person experiences excessive fear that called a “phobia” then this is a health issue. Such extreme fear makes people unproductive and even would lock himself in the house without going out.

So, extreme fear or phobia is different from the natural fear in most humans such as afraid of robbers, heights, fear of the dark and others. Claustrophobia is a fear that could cause a person to panic when in a state. It is often trigger by everything connected with elevators, airplanes, trains underground, or a room with the windows closed.

Claustrophobia has other symptoms such as anxiety. Among the symptoms can appear on the mark with a sense of panic, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, confused, and others. Claustrophobia disease has no known definitive cure till now. However, you can try some of the best ways to control claustrophobia as mentioned below.

6 Best Ways to Control Claustrophobia

1. Change the habit

When you know that you have claustrophobia, you should avoid things that are likely going your fear. Among the things that you must change is the plane and chose to use the train, leaving the elevator but opted to take the stairs, avoid driving when busy hours, and other things that can make you get experience in sudden fright.

2. Breathing Exercises

Furthermore, way to manage and control the claustrophobia is to practice breathing. Difficulties of breathing is one of the symptoms of the claustrophobia. Decreased oxygen to the brain can increase health risks associated with claustrophobia. So, practice your breathing so that you can breathe with stable and good.

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You can consult with a psychologist about how to breathe good when a person experiences a panic. How should a person regulate his breathing so that panic can be avoided. Deep breathing is one technique that you can do to reduce anxiety and excessive heart rate.

3. Meditation

Another effective way to control claustrophobia is by meditation. Meditation can help calm your mind so you can breathe better as a result of the loss of stress.

Indeed, meditation is one of the body work that can reduce stress hormones in the body. So when the stress hormone decreases you will stand and brave when through small spaces, or other things that cause you anxiety and fear.

4. Eat magnesium supplements

One study found that claustrophobia is health symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency in the body. The cause of the loss of magnesium in the body is stress and hyperventilation. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is useful to regulate hormones, including stress hormones in the body. So, one way to be effective in preventing excessive anxiety and panic is to consume foods that contain lots of magnesium.

Foods that contain magnesium are whole grains, yogurt, fish, dark chocolate and nuts.

5. Consume Kava Kava / St. John’s Wort

These are two types of herbs that are widely recommended for patients with anxiety and stress. Additionally, this herb is also beneficial for patients with claustrophobia. For those of you who have these herbs you can try, but you should ask for advice from a trusted health professional.

6. Consuming vitamin B

Vitamin B is a substance that is important in the nervous system. It  means, the B vitamins have a role in anxiety, stress, claustrophobia or a panic attack. Patients with stress, anxiety or claustrophobia should eat foods that contain magnesium and vitamin B. Among the sources of vitamin B are whole grains, beans, meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish and spinach leaves.

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Patients with claustrophobia and high levels of anxiety can try treatment with traditional methods above. You also would be expected to consult with neurologists and psychologists.