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Benefits of Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

There are many different approaches that people take when they are trying to relieve the symptoms of addiction.  Recovery is often a long process. Addicts must take good care of themselves daily to maintain their sobriety. The withdrawal symptoms are incredibly severe when opioids are involved. This can make quitting drugs a harrowing experience. Many give up early on due to this complication. Ibogaine treatment is known to alleviatee some of the symptoms of withdrawal, making it easier for addicts to move on to the therapeutic stage of treatment.

Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction


Many symptoms of drug addiction must be treated at rehabilitation clinics. Withdrawals take up a significant amount of the time of the time spent in treatment. The body must often recover from years of daily drug use. This can lead to extreme discomfort. Symptoms include sweats, vomiting, paranoia, and shakiness. In severe cases, seizures and slurred speech can also occur.

There may be little time left during the stay to get therapy started. Addicts must pursue this as outpatients and may not follow through. Ibogaine treatments make the withdrawal process easier and shorter. Medical tests must be administered to clear patients for this treatment. The heart and liver are two things that must be healthy for ibogaine administration. For those that are healthy enough to undergo treatment, there may be more time left in a clinic to begin intensive therapy. Check out https://ExperienceIbogaine.com for more information.

Cause of Addiction

Many people become addicted by accident when they are treated for surgery or injuries with pain medication. Others have deep psychological reasons for turning to drugs. This may include trauma during their early years or stressful life event. Ibogaine treatments often result in self-awareness and visions of past experiences.

Addicts may then have a better understanding of why drugs became a big part of their lives. These realizations help therapists know where to start when they begin sessions. This may be the beginning of many years of therapy for some people. Dealing with past trauma, however, can be very liberating.

Faster Treatment

Addiction is often a lifelong disease. When an addict is said to be recovered, they may still be fighting a daily battle with their mind and body. The initial stage of treatment, however, gets them to a point where they are strong enough to fight for their health. The average rehabilitation stay is about six weeks. A stay at an ibogaine treatment may be the same, however, the recovery is often further along by the end of the stay. When more progress is accomplished during the clinic stay, odds of ongoing success improve.

Addiction treatment in a clinic gives patients a much stronger start. Recovery can be challenging without the proper support. Ibogaine treatment centers take a different approach, as they focus on the reasons for the addiction in many cases. Many treatment clinics focus mainly on the symptoms. Underlying issues must be dealt with for a more successful future. Ibogaine centers are becoming more well-known around the world.