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How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card

Since the legalization of cannabis in Florida, many people from the state have applied for a medical marijuana card. Florida has made application easy, and in fact, they have made all information about applying for a medical marijuana card online accessible. But sometimes this information can be overwhelming. Here is a step by step lead on how to apply for a medical marijuana card in Florida.

Eligibility to apply

It is essential to identify if you are eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card. Patients can check Florida’s medical marijuana law to know if they qualify. There is a possibility that the law is being updated, so it is essential to check the most recent law.

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Steps to follow

  1. After checking your eligibility, check for the accredited Medical Marijuana Treatment Centres MMTC.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the accredited physician. The fees associated with the consultation varies, depending on the MMTC. Ask them about fees to set your expectations.
  3. The accredited physician will assess your medical condition. Bring all the necessary medical documents that will support your claim. Bring proof of Florida residency on your doctor’s appointment.
  4. If the accredited physician sees the patient fit to use medical marijuana, they will issue a recommendation. You will receive your recommendation in PDF format; it includes a unique patient registry ID number. Patients will use the unique patient registry ID number in applying for a medical marijuana card, and the physician will use this ID number to include patients in the list of Florida’s Marijuana Medical use registry.
  5. Before applying for a medical marijuana card, patients should register in the state’s cannabis program. This step is mandatory for all applicants.
  6. Patients can download the application form for medical marijuana card online. A fee of $75 for the medical marijuana card will be collected, and the card must be renewed every 210 days. It is advisable to schedule your renewal 30 days before the expiration.
  7. Once the patient receives the card, they will be given access to Florida’s dispensaries.

Things to know

  • The entire application and approval process will take 2-3 weeks to finish.
  • You will receive an email once your listing on the registry is activated, you can print the email as a proof that you are allowed to purchase medical marijuana in case your card is not yet available.
  • Patients are not allowed to grow their marijuana plants even if they have a medical marijuana card. The card will only allow patients to purchase from the dispensaries
  • Only the Florida licensed dispensaries are allowed to grow marijuana.
  • Patients are not allowed to take their medical marijuana medication outside the state of Florida. Patients may be charged criminal charges if they receive their medical marijuana medication outside Florida.

Despite the number of people that are qualified to apply for a medical marijuana card, some people still feel anxious about getting a medical marijuana treatment. These people must be encouraged to feel confident about treating their medical conditions with medical marijuana. The state of Florida has streamlined rules and regulations to ensure that people will be protected while under medication.